ADVANCED PHOTO EDITING WORKSHOP: With Magdalena Solé and Elizabeth Avedon

Street Dog, Cuba © Magdalena Sole

One Spot Left!
May 1-6 in West Halifax, Vermont 
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Call +1 888-741-3974 or email:

The workshop will be held at Magdalena Solé’s studio in West Halifax, VT located in the beautiful rural countryside of Southern Vermont in an old 1790’s farmhouse. Participants can stay in the nearby quaint little town of Wilmington.
  • Learn to edit your work in stages: How to work though a large number of images.
  • How to distinguish between a great image and one that you like, but doesn’t work
  • Review masters iconic images
  • How to juxtapose images: the dialogue between images and how they relate
  • How to build a sequence using rhythm, color, light, and geometric shapes.
  • The differences in editing for an exhibit, a magazine, a book
Participants will bring 1 project to the workshop. We will work in individual and group sessions.


Susan May Tell said...

IF you want to get your photographs (the ones you truly care about) edited and believe (hope/want) they should be exhibited and published (exhibitions and books) - THIS IS THE ONE WORKSHOP YOU MUST TAKE!! Elizabeth Avedon and Magdalena Sole. And, you also get to hang out in rural Vermont during the Spring.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe this workshop with the two of you will be an amazing and productive, mind-shattering, experience for all who sign up in time to attend!