FOUND MY PHOTOS: Master Photographers

Photographer Saul Leiter in his Studio, 1972
Contact sheet (c) Elizabeth Paul Avedon /All Rights Reserved

Photographer Ernst Haas and Artist Anders Holmquist  
Contact sheet, 1976 (c) Elizabeth Paul Avedon /All Rights Reserved

Photographer Art Kane and model Susan Forristal, Puerto Rico
Contact sheet 1972 (c) Elizabeth Paul /All Rights Reserved

Found my contact sheets and found my negatives, 
but no longer have a darkroom to print in...


Laurent said...

Extremely kind of you to befriend that space that I visit, too. How wonderful, if it could translate that enhancement in its work.

little augury said...

Keep digging Elizabeth. pgt

Anna said...

the way you posted this, made me feel as if I was right there, looking through the negatives...
How great!

by land by air by sea said...

between heaven

and earth



I think of Ernst Haas often. He was a "spiritual mentor" whose images spoke to the heart and soul.