ASMPNY: Join Me for Conversations on Fine Art Photography Bloggers


Fine art photography blogs have changed the landscape for sharing and reviewing work. Blogs are more personal and idiosyncratic while attracting a wide audience, and doing so more quickly and inexpensively. Photographers no longer have to wait for a review of a bricks-and-mortar exhibition by a very small group of print publications. The objective of this night is to inform photographers about fine art photography blogging and how to get your work noticed.

Nov 3rd 7-9 pm Soho Photo 15 White St NYC



LA LETTRE: The First Issue!

Mallam Galadima Ahmadu with Jamis, Nigeria, 2007
Photograph © Pieter Hugo from La Lettre 26.10.2010

Tony With Shadow, Los Angeles, 1988
© Herb Ritts Foundation, Courtesy of Fahey Klein Gallery

La Lettre de la Photographie: The First Issue!

Founded by: JEAN JACQUES NAUDET, former editor-in-chief of the French monthly, PHOTO, and editor at large of AMERICAN PHOTO in the USA; MAGNUS NADDERMIER, art director and former creative director of GQ, Condé-Nast en France; and ALEX KUMMERMAN, president of Clicmobile and co-founder of Soundwalk, new media specialist and entrepreneur.

La Lettre De La Photographie will provide daily coverage of all major photographic events, and will have special daily themes as follows:

Monday: A behind the scenes look at fashion, advertising and the world of celebrities. Tuesday: Great historic archives will be revealed, featuring former stories from great magazines and exceptional photo agencies. Wednesday: One photographer, one story. A photographer tells us the story about a picture, a great success, or a catastrophic failure. Thursday: With 90 percent of all agency files and independent works unpublished, this daily report will feature an insider's look at some of the best current events stories that we won't find on the front pages. Friday: Our "Coup de Coeur" will feature an unknown, yet emerging talent we would like to help support and recognize, or a talent from the past we'd like to revive. The Week-end agenda: Saturday and Sunday will provide international coverage of shows, exhibitions, prints, books, fairs, auctions, blogs and websites.


BLURB POP-UP/NYC: Editing Your Images

Blurb 10 Day Pop-up Store
60 Mercer St. (Broome x Grand) NYC

Blurb 10 Day Pop-up Store
Blurb staff helps customers with questions
or assists them in creating their own book on the stores computers

Blurb Pop-up Store/Events
Photographs by Brad Bunyea

October 30 11 am - 12 pm 60 Mercer St

Levi's Photographer BRAD BUNYEA joins me for
"Editing Your Images
| 3000 images to 30"
How to edit thousands of images on a very short deadline

RSVP to This Event

The Levi’s Photo Workshop is a few blocks away


OLAF OTTO BECKER | Above Zero Book Review. photo-eye Magazine

POINT 660, 08/2008
Photograph (c) Olaf Otto Becker /All Rights Reserved

Becker photographed glaciologist and climate researchers, Konrad Steffen and seven scientists, at their measuring station, Swiss Camp, where they work on predicting the planet's future. Even at Point 660, a popular tourist spot, taking photographs of one another proudly in this formidable landscape may soon be over. 

RIVER 3, POSITION 1, 07/2008
Photograph (c) Olaf Otto Becker /All Rights Reserved

Olaf Otto Becker | Above Zero
photo-eye Magazine

Becker is a modern day explorer, no less a pioneer than his famous "pole fever" predecessors, from Carsten Borchgrevink, the first Norwegian explorer to set foot in Antarctica, to Ernest Shackleton's well-known Endurance expedition. Between 2003 and 2006, Becker traveled a total of 2,500 miles up and down the coast of Greenland in a rigid inflatable boat...One hundred years from now his photographs may be all that's left to view of this extraordinary world.From Elizabeth Avedon's photo-eye Review of Above Zero

purchase: photo-eye Bookstore


SLANE: New Name | New Logo Design

  Landon Slane's Collection Preview at The Lambs Club

Landon Slane and Alexander Vreeland, SLANE President and COO
[2012 update: Vreeland is now President of Diana Vreeland LLC]

"I returned to NY in order to find projects that could both fascinate me and give me new challenges. I have found all of this and more in Slane." –Alexander Vreeland on his move from Paris to New York

Landon and Heath Slane

"Bi-coastal sisters Heath and Landon Slane joined creative forces in 1995 to design a line of high end sterling silver jewelry. Their vision for the collection was then and remains today a varied mix of influences to include: architecture, nature and spiritual symbols. Each of their collections represents both their philosophical and aesthetic sensibility.

Drawn to the healing and transformative powers of jewelry, Heath and Landon continue to welcome a collaborative approach to the design process and to the creative realization of jewelry totems which afford comfort or meaning to their owners.
Collections consist of an array of shapes and textures which have numerous classical influences with contemporary appeal. Designing a palette from which women could create their own SLANE (formerly known as Slane & Slane) look has been the intention of the design-duo since the company’s inception. An unintended but celebrated distinction in the business is its founding and operation by women, who design for women.

Heath serves on the board of Los Angeles based Street Poets, a poetry-based peace-making organization dedicated to the creative process as a force for individual and community transformation. Heath has been a board member since 1998.
Landon has served on the board of DreamYard since 1995. DreamYard is a New York-based organization which transforms Bronx public schools and communities through the power of project-based arts learning.Heath and Landon have only used 100% recycled sterling silver and eighteen karat gold which is 80% recycled. All diamonds are conflict free."Website

Illustration by Kareem Iliya featuring SLANE's signature "Twin Link" necklace. New Logo Design by Elizabeth Avedon

The Old Logo Above

Rebranding: New Name
New Logo Design by Elizabeth Avedon

The new logo I designed for SLANE reflects the brands sleek, modern look and defines the companies new singular name SLANE (formerly Slane and Slane). The Heart represents both of the sisters, created using two cap S's facing each other in the typeface Colonna. A new Website (SlaneJewelry.com) and an informative blog will be coming in a few months. Shop for Slane Holiday gifts on their current site, Slane and Slane.

SUSAN MAY TELL: André Kertész

Photograph (c) Susan May Tell /All Rights Reserved

When André Kertész, my favorite photographer of all time, and who lived nearby in Greenwich Village, saw this photograph he told me: "Many times I see that and say I have to photograph it. Now that I've seen this, I no longer have to."–Susan May Tell

–from Susan May Tell's slide presentation Photographs of Space, Silence, and Solitude, hosted by photographer David Brommer, B+H's Event Space Coordinator.



Yikes! I'm giving a Workshop with Photographer Brad Bunyea

Blurb's New Pop-Up Store in Soho!
+ + +
October 21 to October 31st

60 Mercer St. (between Broome and Grand), SoHo

Great Workshops, Speaker Sessions, and Events

Aaron Kenedl, Editor-in-Chief for Print Magazine; Jen Bekman, founder of Jen Bekman Gallery, 20x200, and Hey, Hot Shot!; editor Alan Rapp; Mommy Poppins Blogger Ana Fader; Fashion Photographer Michael Creagh; Marcy Ray from WireMedia Communications and Ferentz Lafargue from the virtual-placemaking organization Nostrand Park; Liz Danzico from School of Visual Arts; myself and Photographer Brad Bunyea; Blurb advisor Dan Milnor; Portfolio Workshops; and Etsy creatives! RSVP to these events!


LAURIE LAMBRECHT: Roy Lichtenstein

Pencils, 1990
Photograph © Laurie Lambrecht/ All rights reserved

Roy in Yellow interior,1991
Photograph © Laurie Lambrecht/ All rights reserved

Bathing Beauties, Blue 1990
Photograph © Laurie Lambrecht/ All rights reserved

From The Studio Of Roy Lichtenstein
Photographs By Laurie Lambrecht

November 18 - January 23
Griffin Museum of Photography
Opening Reception and Artist Talk Nov 18



Mr. Ping
Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

Photograph © Chip Simons/ All rights reserved

...pets, since the very beginnings of human culture, have lived by a different set of rules than other animals Ptolemy Tompkins "The Divine Life of Animals"
+ + +

Photographer Chip Simons, now Albuquerque based, has worked for countless publications from Time, Esquire, GQ, People, Scientific America, Audubon, Rolling Stone, and Forbes. He's shot advertising for Coke, Shimano, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Apple Computer, to name a few. He is known for his wide angle and fish-eye lenses, and his use of colored lights and light painting techniques...as well as his creative and conceptual approach to all things Americana. Check out Chip Simons Website

+ + +

Have You Read...Ptolemy Tompkins, The Divine Life of Animals: One Man's Quest to Discover Whether the Souls of Animals Live On. He received both a New York Times Book Review and an excerpt in The New York Times newspaper on the same day! In his Huffington Post Interview, Do Our Pets Go To Heaven, "Tompkins undertakes an exploration into the myths and beliefs across time that have defined animals' place in the metaphysical scheme of things". Ptolemy, the son of 1970s guru and best-selling New-Age cult author, Peter Tompkins (The Secret Life of Plants, Secrets of the Great Pyramid, and Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids), is himself the author of four critically praised books, The Beaten Path: Field Notes on Getting Wise in a Wisdom-Crazy World, Paradise Fever: Growing Up in the Shadow of the New Age, The Monkey in Art, and This Tree Grows Out of Hell, a spiritual history of Mesoamerica. More about Ptolemy


CRITICAL EXPOSURE: Auction Pre-Preview

Ismaila Badji and Jumpex, 2008
Photographs (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved
Jason Florio Website

10.08.11 #3 Mama C, Matunuck, RI
edition 1/15 8x10" archival pigment print on 8.5x11 paper
Copyright © 2010 Joni Sternbach / All rights reserved
Joni Sternbach Website

Central Park, 2009
Photograph (c) Aline Smithson
/All Rights Reserved
Aline Smithson Website

Photograph (c) Marcia Schulman Martin/All rights reserved
Marcia Schulman Martin Website

Hosta Flower Among Leaves
Photograph (c) Russ Martin/All rights reserved
Russ Martin Website

Paolo Gavanelli as Rigoletti in the Opera Rigoletti
Photograph (c) John F. Martin
/All Rights Reserved

John F. Martin Website

PICTURE EQUALITY 2010 Silent Auction + Fundraiser

SILENT AUCTION: Picture Equality: An Evening of Empowerment Through Photography The 3rd Annual Silent Auction will benefit low-income youth by providing cameras and training in photography so that students can become effective advocates for school reform and social change. Photographers Damon Winter, Ami Vitale, Joni Sternbach, Jason Florio, John F. Martin, Aline Smithson, Russ Martin, and Ed Kashi, as well as many more from National Geographic, Getty Images, and VII Photo Agency, have donated images for sale. (stay posted as the list of photographers keeps growing)
October 21st, 2010, 6:30-8:30pm
Atrium of the DLA Piper Building
500 8th St. NW at Gallery Place, Washington D.C.


NESTOR BALTODANO: Colectivo Nómada

Malecón, La Habana, Cuba, 2006
Photograph © Néstor Baltodano/ All rights reserved

Ortega de Santa Cruz, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, 2009
Photograph © Néstor Baltodano/ All rights reserved

Festejos Populares, Zapote, San José, Costa Rica, 2008
Photograph © Néstor Baltodano/ All rights reserved

Acuario Nacional, La Habana, Cuba, 2007
Photograph © Néstor Baltodano/ All rights reserved

Colectivo Nómada is the first independent documentary photography collective in Central America, formed by a group of young photographers with many different interests and talents. Take a tour of their website, view their photographic work, send your comments and participate in their blog.


NADAV KANDER: Yangtze, The Long River

Qinghai Province II
Photograph ©
Nadav Kander/ All rights reserved

Pudong I, Shanghai
Photograph ©
Nadav Kander/ All rights reserved

Xiling Gorge III, Hubei Province
Photograph ©
Nadav Kander/ All rights reserved

Yangtze – The Long River
Flowers Gallery, London
October 15 – November 13, 2010