FUTURE / PAST: Photolucida Critical Mass Top 50 Exhibition - The Center for Photographic Art


Photolucida' Critical Mass Top 50 Group Exhibition

Curated by Elizabeth Avedon

August 7 – September 12, 2021

The Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA

"At long last, we get to celebrate the artists and exhibit the images from Photolucida’s 2019 Critical Mass Top 50 with "Future I Past", curated by Elizabeth Avedon (postponed due to Covid). Our distinguished curator selected one image from each portfolio that represents and interweaves divergent styles from all across the world. Thanks for your patience everyone!" – Ann M. Jastrab, CPA Executive Director

Featuring works by: Rhiannon Adam, Sara Bennett, David Bloomer, Carl Bower, Tracy L. Chandler, Troy Colby, Rachel Cox, Monica Denevan, Rory Doyle, Kristen Emack, Amy Friend, Rich Frishman, Jennifer Garza-Cuen, Dominika Gesicka, Joshua Dudley Greer, William Harris, Sarah Hobbs, Glenda Jennings,  Jamie Johnson, Priya Suresh Kambli, Tom Keifer, Mark Lyon, Noelle Mason, Kristen Matuszak, Jennifer McClure, Ingvild Melby, Robin Michaels, Rebecca Biddle Moseman, Karen Navarro, Nancy Newberry, Mikael Owunna, Catherine Panebianco, Rachel Papo, Barbara Peacock, Bruce Polin, Kaja Rata, Astrid Reischwitz, Paula Riff, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Aline Smithson, Caleb Stein, Barbara Strigel, Krista Svalbonas, JP Terlizzi, Bryan Thomas, Annie Tritt, Barry Underwood, Ian Van Coller, Ira Wagner, Becky Wilkes.

 The Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA

Featured Photograph © Jennifer McClure 2021. Many thanks to CPA's Ann Jastrab, and Photolucida's Laura Moya and Audra Osborne Norberg

ENTER LUCIE PHOTO-BOOK PRIZE: New Extended Deadline August 31, 2021

2021 Lucie Photo Book Prize

The Lucie Photo Book Prize aims to support photographers in producing and promoting their photo-books through monetary prizes and exposure opportunities. The contest is divided into two separate awards - the Traditional Prize (worth US$3,000) and the Independent Prize (worth US$2,000). The Traditional Prize will be awarded to a photographer, editor, curator, or publisher whose book is commercially produced and distributed, while the Independent Prize will be granted to a photographer, editor, curator, or publisher whose book is published and distributed independently.

The 10-person jury this year consists of many acclaimed industry professionals working in a wide range of fields, from editors and publishers to creative directors. They are Bekie Ntini (Interim Head: Market Photo Workshop), Raina Lampkins-Fielder (Curator at Souls Grown Deep Foundation), Sarah Allen (Curator, Tate Modern), Elizabeth Avedon (Independent Curator, Photography Book and Exhibition Designer), Tracey Woods (Director of Photography, The Luupe), Mariama Attah (Curator, Open Eye Gallery), Emmeline Yong (Co-founder and Director of Objectifs), Chantal Pontbriand (Contemporary art curator, critic, and art consultant), Edie Peters (Manager PhotoQ Bookshop at World Press Photo), and our own Founder and Director Giuseppe Oliverio

 The top finalists will have their work displayed in New York City at a date to be set in 2022 as part of the Lucie Foundation’s annual programming. Entry fees vary from US$35 to US$55 depending on the award. An application form and a PDF file of the book must be submitted by 15 July. 


Thrilled to be a Juror for The 2021 Lucie PhotoBook Prize!



LUMP SUM LOTTERY : Bonnie Briant

Published by Damiani, 2021
Text by Sylvia Plachy

Annalisa and Pietro, Santa Marinella, Italy 2019
Photograph © Bonnie Briant

When you win the lottery you have two options, you can get all the money right away, but because of taxes you get less than if you’re willing to parse it out over time. Taking all the money right away but actually taking less is called taking the lump sum. The title is a comment on my constant, “I’ll have everything now, even though I know I should wait.”– Bonnie Briant 
+  +  +
Bonnie Briant’s personal collection of images in her first monograph, Lump Sum Lottery, transport us through the select world she inhabits outside the usual path of our ordinary lives.
She recently spoke to my SVA students advising they "look at the photographs of Sylvia Plachy, the photographer who wrote the short text for my book. She is the one who taught me so much about taking pictures; not needing rules and to just feel what you feel when you take a picture. Most of my pictures are blurry and handheld and low light; it’s about the space in-between moments, versus being very formal about it." 
She went on to describe to them how she arrived at the brilliant cover image, Light through the door, Pattaya, Thailand. "One of my good friends is half Thai and his brother was getting married in Thailand, so I traveled over for the wedding. We had gone to their uncles house, and woke up in the middle of the night, it was 5am, so I guess early in the morning. I was a total mess because of the time change. So I just laid there staring at the ceiling and someone turned on the light in the hall."
I'm a big fan of this work . . .

Photographs by Bonnie Briant I Text by Sylvia Plachy
Published by Damiani, 2021


STANDING TOGETHER: Jeanine Michna-Bales Woman's Suffrage Project

Inez Milholland with faceted-star crown, 1911

Inez Milholland at the National American Woman Suffrage
Association Parade, Washington, D.C., March 3, 1913
Library of Congress
Inez Milholland's 12,000 Mile Swing Through the West
Railway Map, 1916


Standing Together: Inez Milholland’s Final Campaign for Women’s Suffrage” by Jeanine Michna-Bales (MW Editions). “A powerful and inspiring book, painstakingly researched, beautifully written, photographed and designed!” - EA

In 1916, Inez Milholland Boissevain (1886–1916) embarked on a grueling campaign across the Western U.S. on behalf of The National Women's Party appealing for Women's Suffrage ahead of the 1916 Presidential election.  

The 30-year-old suffragist delivered some 50 speeches to standing-room-only crowds in eight states in 21 states. She battled chronic illness and died a month after her last speech in Los Angeles.

Her final public words were, "Mr. President, how long must this go on, no liberty?"

Through her photographs, combining dramatic landscapes and historical reenactments of important vignettes of Milholland on her journey, Jeanine Michna-Bales captures a glimpse of the monumental effort required to pass the 19th Amendment.

 Order: MWEditions.com


FOCUS 22 : SEAN PERRY Toyko, Japan

Tokyo City Rain - Japan © Sean Perry

M.M.C. Coffee - Tokyo, Japan © Sean Perry 

Space Trust, Co. LTD - Tokyo, Japan © Sean Perry
HULIC Sukiyabashi Building - Japan © Sean Perry
Pachinko Arcade - Japan © Sean Perry

Marugen 14 - Tokyo, Japan © Sean Perry
PAIS Building, Ginza - Japan © Sean Perry

SEAN PERRY  Tokyo, Japan

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"I really love Japan. When there I’m happily lost in the resonance of the cities – the trains, the chatter, the hustle playing against the colors and light in the built and natural environments. In many ways it is like being under water, things are familiar but otherworldly, mysterious and immersive. Every now and again the surface breaks and the illusion is revealed, but it’s brief before returning to the somewhere in-between. I hope that never changes."

"I hear music unraveling stories into photographs, when you see these pictures I want them to remind you of vignettes from a movie you can’t quite remember. For me, these pictures of Tokyo still sound and light into the tracks ringing in my ears." – Sean Perry

+    +    + 

Sean Perry is a fine-art photographer living and working in New York City and Austin, Texas. His photographs and books center on architecture, space and light – the ambiance felt within built environments. His photographs and books are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Amon Carter Museum, the Wittliff Collections and the Harry Ransom Center, among others.

Cloverleaf Press published Perry’s first limited edition book, Transitory in 2006, and followed with a second title, Fairgrounds in the Fall of 2008. Both were a featured case study in Publish Your Photography Book coauthored by Mary Virginia Swanson & Darius Himes (Princeton Architectural Press, 2011). Perry was also selected as a finalist for the Hasselblad Masters award for his photographs and book Fairgrounds.

Perry is the Photography Department Chair for Austin Community College. His work is represented by the Stephen L. Clark Gallery.