RICHARD GERE: Talks About Photography in La Lettre de la Photographie's Weekend Agenda

Giza, 2005
Courtesy of the Gere Foundation
Photograph (c) Richard Gere

Cairo, 2010
Courtesy of the Gere Foundation
Photograph (c) Richard Gere

I was in this old Mosque and I just turned to my left and that shot was there. All the angles were right, all the lines were moving, everything was right. All I had to do was take a half step to my left. Everything lined up and I knew that was it. That was the shot...That’s a very complicated photograph; the dark areas, light areas, white against black, black against white. It’s very complicated and that’s a very straight...digital print made for me by John Paul Caponigro at his place up in Maine. – Richard Gere, Le Journal de la Photographie 4.30.2011

Cover Photograph: Pilgrim, Zansker, 1983
Pilgrim, Bulfinch Press, 1997

Richard’s photographs from “Pilgrim” are clearly made from the heart. They are not only pictures that you are informed by – but they are images you feel. Richard’s images speak to our soul by exuding spirituality, compassion, and atmosphere. Richard’s “Pilgrim” photographs formed by his experiences, defines what he represents, and documents his social, spiritual, and cultural encounters. The underlining thread of his photographs is his fondness for the people of Tibet as well as his extraordinary ability to document the livelihood of the enduring people who reside within these unfamiliar and mysterious places with dignified simplicity. – David Fahey, Fahey/Klein Gallery

Lobsang Tenzing, Daramsala, 1981
Photograph © Richard Gere, Courtesy of Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

Ulan Bator (The Arrival of His Holiness), Mongolia, 1995
Photograph © Richard Gere, Courtesy of Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

Angels, Shekar Monastery, Tibet, 1993
Photograph © Richard Gere, Courtesy of Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

There are usually three shots. If it’s a difficult light situation like this where the shutters going to be open one, two, three seconds – from my own experience of my work, one of those three is going to be the one I want. It’s not always that one is sharper than another; whatever it is, one’s going to feel right to me if I do three of them. Sometimes it’s so dark, I can’t even see it, and I’m just sensing that there’s something there. There’s one in particular I took in a Monastery. It’s these two angels that are hovering there. (Angels, Shekar Monastery, Tibet, 1993) I could barely see anything when I took that shot, but I knew that the shot was there and I knew I had to take it “now.” Richard Gere, Le Journal de la Photographie 4.30.2011

Photography can open a doorway that can lead us into a new world, expands our horizons, and shows us exciting and challenging possibilities. Richard’s photographs allow us to engage the world and renew our perspective by reinterpreting what we think we know – leading us through that doorway. – David Fahey, Fahey/Klein Gallery

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I spoke with Richard Gere for Le Journal de la Photographie about his photographs, his book and exhibitions, and about his extensive photography collection...read the entire Interview here

Le Journal de la Photographie


LEICA GALLERY: Return To the Roof of the World | Photographs by Nicholas Vreeland

(right) Khyongla Rato Rinpoche and (left) Photographer and Buddhist monk, Nicholas Vreeland, in front of Vreeland's portrait of HH The Dalai Lama taken with a 5x7 Deardorff camera in Dharamsala, India in 1979.

(left) Pyramid, Tibet, 2003. (top right) Road To Reting, Tibet, 2003. (bottom right) Devotee's Welcome Rinpoche, Tibet, 2003. Photographs (c) Nicholas Vreeland (click images to enlarge)

(center) Prostrating, Amdo, Tibet, 2003
Photographs (c) Nicholas Vreeland

(center) Formal Greeting, Gen Gendun Gyatso and Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, Labrang Tashi Kyil, Amdo, Tibet, 2003. Photographs (c) Nicholas Vreeland (click images to enlarge)

Exhibition Walls
Leica Gallery, New York April 22 - June 4

(left) His Holiness The 14th Dalai lama, 1979. (right) Serkong Tsenshab Rinpoche (b.1914, d.1983), Dharamsala, India, 1979. Photographs (c) Nicholas Vreeland (click images to enlarge)

“I used to consider myself an aspiring photographer,
however I became a Buddhist monk.”– Ven. Nicholas Vreeland

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La Lettre de la Photographie: Nicholas Vreeland

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Limited Edition Prints available
16x20: edition of 25
20x24: edition of 20
30x40: edition of 10


TIBET FUND: Benefit Photography Auction

Revelation, toned Gelatin Silver Print
Photograph (c) Sean Perry

Angkor Wat triptych
Photograph (c) Jason Florio

Donation courtesy of the Gere Foundation
Photograph (c) Richard Gere

Monk on the Roof
Photograph (c) Sonam Zoksang

Gate, Kyoto, Japan 2008
Photograph (c) Wyatt Gallery

11.03.07 #7 Kazzie Mahina
Archival Pigment Print from 8 x 10 inch Unique Tintype
(c) Joni Sternbach

Wilted Hosta and Oak Leaves, Archival Inkjet Print
(c) Russ Martin

Solitude, Archival Inkjet Print
Photograph (c) Marcia Schulman Martin

Sacred Lotus VI, Gelatin Silver Print
Photograph (c) Brian English

Fishing Boats, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Photograph (c) Wyatt Gallery

The Tibet Fund celebrates 30 Years of Service to the Tibetan People on April 28 with a Gala Dinner and Art & Photography Auction. This year’s event honors actor Richard Gere for his dedication to protecting Tibet’s cultural identity, as well as philanthropists Shelley and Donald Rubin (Rubin Museum of Art) for their devotion to the preservation, study, and enjoyment of Himalayan art.

Chef Eric Ripert has invited Stephane Becht, April Bloomfield, David Chang, Tom Colicchio, Scott Conant, Dan Kluger, Mark Ladner, Anita Lo, Laurent Manrique and Joseph Realmuto to lend their culinary talents to the cause and make 30 Years of Service an extraordinary and unique occasion. The chefs will each cook for a table of 20 guests in the Pierre’s Grand Ballroom, which is being graciously donated by The Pierre Hotel.

Concierge Bid: The Auction will continue as a live event at the Pierre. If someone wants to bid
on-line, although they're not at the live event, they can place a "concierge bid" up to a certain amount and the Tibet Fund staff will keep their bid in play at the live event until their limit is reached. If they remain the highest bidder at the live event, they get the photo or artwork.

To buy tickets: call 212-213-5011 e-mail development@tibetfund.org. The Pierre Hotel, 2 E. 61st St. (at Fifth Ave.)


NICHOLAS VREELAND: Leica Gallery, New York

Pyramid, Tibet, 2003
Photograph (c) Nicholas Vreeland
(click images to enlarge)
Khyongla Rinpoche on His Mountain, Dagyab, Tibet, 2003
Photograph (c) Nicholas Vreeland
Debate, Sera Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet, 2003
Photograph (c) Nicholas Vreeland

Lama Dance, Tibet, 2003
Photograph (c) Nicholas Vreeland

Nicholas Vreeland in Tibet
Riding Towards Wato, Tibet

The Nechung Medium and Dog, Dharamsala, India, 1979
Photograph (c) Nicholas Vreeland

Return To The Roof of the World
Photographs by Nicholas Vreeland

April 22 - June 4, 2011 • Leica Gallery • 670 Broadway • NYC

This exhibition of over 35 black and white images, follows the journey of photographer and Buddhist monk, Nicholas Vreeland, as he accompanied his teacher, Khyongla Rato Rinpoche, in 2003 on his return to his birthplace in Dagyab, Eastern Tibet after 50 years. Rinpoche, author of “My Life and Lives,” with Joseph Campbell, fled Tibet in 1959.Vreeland, born in Geneva, Switzerland, a protégé of Henri Cartier – Bresson, son of American ambassador, Frederick Vreeland, and grandson of fashion icon, Diana Vreeland; studied film at NYU, initially working for Irving Penn, before later working for Richard Avedon. He photographed throughout India carrying a Deardorff 5×7, photographing some of Tibet’s most important Buddhist teachers in exile. A select few of these treasured color portraits will hang in the Leica Gallery’s ‘Oskar Barnack Room’....read more on La Lettre de la Photographie

Limited Edition Prints available
16x20: edition of 25
20x24: edition of 20
30x40: edition of 10

Silver gelatin prints by Laurent Girard/Griffin Editions


PDN: PhotoBook NYC

Cover: Cyclone With Car, from the series Coney Morning
Photograph (c) Stefanie Dworkin

(l) Skateboarders, Midwood, Brooklyn, 2010
(r) Pin-up girls, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2007

Photographs by Valery Rizzo
/ click image to enlarge

(l) Into The Light (r) Chance Meeting
Photographs by Sandy Alpert / click image to enlarge

Photographs from the series Coney Morning by Stefanie Dworkin
Layout in Blurb's BookSmart

Presented by PDN | Photo District News
Sponsored by Blurb and B&H

PDN's PHOTOBOOK NYC Photography Contest, called for the best New York City related Photography: "From the iconic grandeur of the skyline, to the heart of the communities PDN's panel of NYC experts helped choose 35 photographers published in this 'special edition' book ... that captures true NYC experiences."

PHOTOBOOK NYC was edited by PDN's Lauren Wendle, VP/Publisher; John Gimenez, Contest + Event Director; and Jacqueline Tobin, Deputy Editor. It was designed by Elizabeth Avedon; PDN's Moneer Masih-Tehrani, Special Events Manager; and Daniel Ryan, Production Director.


WiNK MaGAZINE SiX: Interview

Natalie Lloyd Interview's Me about
the Future of Printed Books and Photographs.
Click to enlarge and read

I originally designed the Blurb book, "My Brother's War" for photographer Jessica Hines, for Hines to take to a Portfolio Review. The intent behind creating the work into book form, was to help show viewers how to look at what Jessica was trying to achieve with this work in the short time they are allotted during a Review session. Hines went on to win the Grand Prize for the Lens Culture International Exposure Awards 2010 for this series, as well as many other awards and exhibitions of this work (and the "book" gained recognition).

Francesco Clemente's pastel, "She and She, 1982" from An Interview With Francesco Clemente. Elizabeth Avedon Editions/Vintage Contemporary Artist Series (Random House)

Paul Kopeikin, owner of L.A.'s, Kopeikin Gallery, said to me, "There is a new generation who having grown up with the internet feel they have "seen" photographs when they have only seen them online. As someone who believes in the beauty of the object, I know that art on a computer is only a reproduction, not the art itself, and often a poor reproduction at that. I remind my clients every time I send them a jpeg that it is only a reproduction, and that the actual work of art is so much better."

WiNK Magazine 6

In Hans Neleman's WiNK 6: Natalie Lloyd Interview's Me about the Future of Printed Books and Photographs. The Issue includes Gabriela Herman's Bloggers, Ruben Natal San-Miguel writes "From Prada To Nada", Sara Stathas on "Santa Fe Photographic Workshops", Ted Sabarese on Ted Sabarese and more...Subscribe for Free


SLOW EXPOSURES: Photography Festival and Portfolio Review / Call For Entries

Highway 411, Georgia.
Kudzu series: “The Plant that Ate The South”
Photograph (c) Rob Hann

Rob Hann's Kudzu series
John A. Bennette's "
Southern Memories: Part 1" Exhibition

Untitled #15. Photograph (c) Jessica Hines
from John A. Bennette's "Southern Memories: Part 1" Exhibition
New Yorker Magazine's Photo Booth

"...every year since 2003, tiny Concord, Georgia, population 336, becomes a photography mecca. “SlowExposures” lures photographers, curators, and editors to look at pictures from the South, to discuss and debate them, and to exchange experiences...Southern conviviality and hospitality create an ambiance that is most of all creative and communicative." –Elisabeth Biondi, New Yorker Magazine read more

Call For Entries

SlowExposures, a Juried Exhibition Celebrating Photography of the Rural South, invites photographers to submit their work.

Successful photographs capture those qualities that unmistakably call to mind the rural South’s unique “sense of place.”
Deadline for entries is June 15, 2011. The Exhibition will be Sept 16 - Sept 25 at the R.F. Strickland Center in Concord, Georgia. Sales of Photographs will be encouraged.

• Sept 16: Opening Reception and
Southern Memories Exhibition in the landmark Whiskey Bonding Barn (open to the public, free). Southern Memories is a satellite exhibition, curated by Alabama native and New York photography collector, John A. Bennette.

Portfolio Review

• Sept 17: SlowExposures Portfolio Review
Reviewers for 2011 are Alex Novak, Anna Walker-Skillman, Brenda Massie, Jerry Atnip and Kevin Miller (see Bio's)
. Each participant will have individual, 20 minute sessions with each of our five reviewers. A private lunch with fellow participants and reviewers allows additional networking and learning opportunities in a relaxed, informal setting. All participants may display their work in a special Portfolio Walk

Workshops + Talks

• Sept 16: Collector's Afternoon with Alex Novak. Photo Roadshow and Lecture 2-5PM
• Sept 17: Self-Publishing Your Photography Book with Elizabeth Avedon:
the basic principles of designing your own photography book, including cover and interior design, sequencing, typography 9AM - 3PM
• Sept 18th: Lunch and Learn With Sylvia Plachy: Sylvia Plachy will show slides of her photography, followed by a discussion about what makes a good photograph 1-3:30PM
Sept 18th: Juror’s Talk (open to the public, free)

SATURDAY: Art + Photography

First Class / Second Class: March 31 - May 7

Glamour Break Diva, 2009
Photograph (c) Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Blass & Co. (Bill Blass, Nancy Kissinger, Mica Ertegun and Duane Hampton at the Seventh on Sale benefit, New York City), 1995 Photograph (c) Miles Ladin

Nan Kempner at the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show, 1995
Photograph (c) Miles Ladin

Wrestling Dalton, 2006
Photograph (c) Chris Verene

First Class/Second Class: Curated by Asya Geisberg and Leah Oates, includes Chris Verene, Rebecca Morgan, Miles Ladin, Devin Troy Strother, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Holly Jarrett, Conor McGrady, and Brian Shumway. Asya Geisberg Gallery 537B West 23rd St NYC

+ + +

Phyllis Galembo / Maske: March 2 - April 2

Zambia, 2007
Photograph (c) Phyllis Galembo

Reflection in the window – the illusive John A Bennette, NY Photography Collector and SlowExposures PhotoFestival Curator at the Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 West 23rd NYC

Zambia, 2007
Photograph (c) Phyllis Galembo

Phyllis Galembo: Maske, an exhibition featuring recent photographs by Phyllis Galembo, large-scale color prints presenting African and Haitian figures in indigenous masquerade costume. Steven Kasher Gallery, 521 West 23rd NYC
+ + +

FINCH + ADA: Chelsea
The Pleasure Is All Mine: March 24 - April 8

Photograph (c) Jonathan Levitt

from the series "Spring Fever"
Photograph (c) Aline Smithson

Photograph (c) Toby Burrows

Photograph (c) Dolly Faibyshev

The Pleasure is All Mine: Curated by Elizabeth Barragan & Kathleen Mahoney-Cobb, includes Toby Burrows, Bill Durgin, Dolly Faibyshev, C. Finley, Maciek Jasik, Jan von Holleben, Jonathan Levitt, Diane Russo, Aline Smithson, Rachel Styer, Justin Walker, Rachael Warner, Jill Waterman and Logan White. Finch & Ada, 548 W. 28th St., Space A, Ground Floor, NYC

+ + +

Jennifer Riley / Fire-Fangled Feathers: March 23 - April 30

Hermitage, 2011
Painting: Jennifer Riley

2011 Pastel Drawings
Drawings: Jennifer Riley

“Fire-Fangled Feathers”, painter Jennifer Riley maintains her exploration of line, color, shape and space in a series of new paintings and pastels. Allegra LaViola Gallery, 179 East Broadway NYC