ADVANCED PHOTO-EDITING WORKSHOP IN NYC: With Elizabeth Avedon and Magdalena Sole

"In the world of fine art and documentary photography it is essential that work is well edited. Whether preparing for portfolio reviews, book proposals, gallery shows or a magazine story, a solid foundation in the fundamentals of editing and sequencing are necessary tools in the current art market." – Elizabeth Avedon

We’ve all been there, wallowing in hundreds of images, each a little different from the next. What to choose? In this five-day workshop, independent curator and photobook designer Elizabeth Avedon partners with award-winning social documentary photographer Magdalena Solé to help you hone your eye for efficient self-editing. We will learn to edit large bodies of your work in a practical way towards selection of the best images; how to quickly differentiate between good pictures and those that are not and why; create a consistent look or a narrative theme; and work on sequencing.

Special Guest: Corinne Tapia, Founder and Director of New York's Sous Les Etoiles Gallery, will be available for our own Q+A session.

In this workshop you will develop skills:

    • To organize your images into a cohesive project
    • To prepare for a portfolio review
    • To create a digital projection
    • To create a photo book

The workshop will be held August 19 – 23rd, 2019 in a beautiful, professional space in the Chelsea area of NYC. If you’ve been thinking about going the next step with your body of work, register now! Join us for this fun and dynamic workshop! 

Register now: 

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Comments from past participants

”I have been a fine art photographer since I was a teenager. My eduction stressed the importance of the stand alone image; we rarely discussed the importance of editing our work for a portfolio suitable for book publication or web presentation. This workshop brought it all together for me. Drawing upon the expertise of Magdalena (Sole) and Elizabeth (Avedon), I was able to see my images and sequence them in new ways. Their insights have helped me to see my images with new meaning. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to create a portfolio, and also self publish their work in book form or web based media. After completing this workshop, I have become a better fine artist.” - David Reinfeld

“It was an honor for a photographer of many years like myself to benefit from Elizabeth’s and Magdalena’s insights. A wonderful learning process.” - Owen Luck

“How fortunate to have attended the Editing Workshop with such a great group of talented photo artists led by a remarkable team. Elizabeth and Magdalena, thank you, thank you! The editing process is streamlined and efficient, revealing how each image serves the whole as we fine tune our unique visual voice. It was inspiring to share in this process as we witnessed each other’s project’s take shape, often in unexpected ways that pushed us beyond our comfort zone — always a good thing!” - Dawn Watson

“This is a terrific opportunity. It was of immense help to me in how I think of my work, and a lot of fun! And I met some terrific artists!” - E.E. McCollum

“This workshop was an all-around positive learning experience. Elizabeth and Magdalena were exceptional instructors and I found myself surrounded by talented classmates. Daily critiques were honest, encouraging, and eye-opening. I learned to see my photographs through others’ eyes. I returned home feeling stronger both personally and artistically.” 

Jo Lynn Still



CANDELA: Pine Tree Ballads by Paul Thulin

 Pine Tree Ballads by Paul Thulin (Candela Books)

 Pine Tree Ballads by Paul Thulin
Pine Tree Ballads by Paul Thulin

Pine Tree Ballads by Paul Thulin

In the early 1900s, artist Paul Thulin's great-grandfather settled on an island off the coast of Maine because it resembled his homeland of Sweden. Over a century later, his family returns to the same area, Gray's Point, each summer.

Throughout his life, Thulin's great-grandfather shared exquisitely detailed accounts of early settlers at the New England apple orchard; Such characters include a one-legged ship cook, a widowed schoolteacher, and an ingenious Native American blacksmith. The tales were an intricate mix of facts and lore that fueled the imagination and, on occasion, had the power to transform daily floorboard creaks and shadows into enduring ancestral spirits.

Pine Tree Ballads is a poetic memoir, featuring the artist’s daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother as a single protean character (or multiple characters?) vibrating in time, navigating the mysteries and menace of a shared ancestral forest. This deeply personal photographic sequence is part visual narrative of family myths and part origin story. Pine Tree Ballads is fueled by both truth and imagination, which, in many instances are the fundamental ingredients of our personal history. The "docu-literary" structure of this monograph celebrates and fully exploits the duplicitous nature of photography/text to be simultaneously interpreted as both fact and fiction. At the surface, this project explores the emotive, contextual, and material constructs of history, culture, personal identity, memory, and folklore.


Text Courtesy Candela Books


URBAN DANCE: Visual Rhythm of Cities

New Jersey from the series ’New York to Los Angeles’
Photograph © Ashok Sinha

Pride: Gold Masks
Photograph © Margaret McCarthy

No Matter Where | Glasgow-1
Photograph © Sheri Lynn Behr

Pretty Girls, Bronx, 2018
Photograph © Paul Kessel

Co-curated by John A. Bennette with Orestes Gonzalez
Juried by Alexa Dilworth, Aline Smithson, Jonathan Blaustein
 Gallery Hours: Saturday and Sunday 2:00-5:0pm
Thursdays 6:00-10:00pm
Now through July 21, 2019

Click image below to view all the Artists


ARNOLD NEWMAN PRIZE for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture

Photograph by Viktoria Sorochinski, series “Daddy“
2018 Arnold Newman PrizeWinner

Prepare your Entry for the "Arnold Newman Prize for New Directions in Photographic Portraiture," a $20,000 prize awarded to a photographer whose work demonstrates a compelling new vision in photographic portraiture. In addition to the winner, the jury selects three finalists each year who are invited to participate in an exhibit at the Griffin Museum of Photography.

The Jurors are: Paula Tognarelli, Director of the Griffin Museum of Photography • Elizabeth Avedon, Independent Curator, PhotoBook + Exhibition Designer • Jessica Dimson, Deputy Photo Editor, The New York Times

The Prize is funded by the Arnold and Augusta Newman Foundation and administered by Maine Media Workshops + College.

PHOTOLUCIDA: Critical Mass 2019

Photograph: Chloe Aftel @chloeaftel

Get your best work ready because Photolucida's Critical Mass 2019 is now open for submissions!

Entering it’s 16th year, Critical Mass was created as a way to facilitate connections between emerging photographers and industry professionals with an aim at creating career-changing opportunities! With 200 museum curators, gallerists, publishers and more on the jury there is no better way to get your work seen in this digital day and age.

This year Photolucida is offering some amazing awards: A solo show at Blue Sky Gallery during Portland Photo Month, the Rauschenberg Residency Award, a Top 50 Exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA curated by Elizabeth Avedon, and publication in issue #63 of GUP Magazine for a selection of finalists. All finalists will also receive this special issue of GUP after it is published!

P.S. I'm thrilled to be curating the Critical Mass 2019 Top 50 exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA! EA