Baby Swim Series
Photograph (c)
Eyþór Árnason /All Rights Reserved

My Daughter
Photograph (c)
Eyþór Árnason /All Rights Reserved

Baby Swim Series
Photograph (c) Eyþór Árnason /All Rights Reserved

EYTHOR ARNASON is a 28 year old professional photographer in Reykjavik, Iceland. Arnason studied photography in both Iceland and Denmark. Eythor's work includes landscape, portraiture, fashion, and magazine editorial and advertising. Starting with his newborn son in swim classes, Eythor has been working on his Baby Swim series for just under a year.



Ange said...

Words escape me. Stunning is inadequate. Fabulous is clumsy. Quite simply breathtaking. Thank you for putting them up on your blog!

Ange said...

PS. Your daughter looks like a real life mermaid with her hair flowing out and her pale skin... It's ethereal.

christa elyce said...

WOW! i love this! thanks for sharing it! i wish my baby could swim! i love this! i'm too scared to bring him in the water. sooooo cool!

Bea said...

These are great. I taught all my boys to swim when they were 6 months old! We would push them under water towards the swimming pool steps and they would pop up smiling holding onto the edge of the pool. They went on to be on swim teams. :)Bea

Olivier said...

Je decouvre votre blog, ces photos sont tout simplement grandiose, j'adore.

M.Kate said...

Wow! amazing photos :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Can I just say... "Wow."

Rose C'est La Vie said...

Dear Elizabeth, I have only just caught up with the more recent posts on your stunning blog ( stupid to leave it so long, I know). I don't know where to start to leave comments, but these pictures resonate with me who is never happier than being under water! The lack of fear in this watery world should inspire everyone.