RUDDY ROYE: When Living Is A Protest Galerie Polaris through February 25

When Living is a Protest • Galerie Polaris, Paris
Photograph © Ruddy Roye

'This Too Is An American Story II, November 18, 2021'
 Photograph © Ruddy Roye Ed. of 5

'Isolated in Ferguson, August 28, 2014'
 Photograph © Ruddy Roye Ed. of 5 

'Twenty year-old Robert Scott' 'When Living is a Protest Series'
Photograph © Ruddy Roye

"When Living Is A Protest"
 Photographs by Ruddy Roye
 Exhibition through February 25th, 2024 
 Galerie Polaris • 15 rue des Arquebusiers • 75003 Paris 

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MOSIJAH ROYE: Black History Month

 Antonio © Mosijah Roye
Black History Month to Antonio means celebrating his lineage
and honoring those who have walked the path 
that many of us are walking through our lives today.

Rell © Mosijah Roye
Black History Month for Rell is community, he says 
it’s sad that we allow our culture to be celebrated for only a month 
when in reality it should be celebrated everyday.

Bryce © Mosijah Roye
Black History Month to me is a celebration of 
all the black people who died for us and to give up their lives for us 
to be where we are today. People like Martin Luther King , and Nelson Mandela.
'Kin' © Ruddy Roye
Portrait of Mosijah Roye by his father Photographer Ruddy Roye
Photographer and student Mosijah Roye asks, "What is Black History Month to you? For the month of February I would like to post one black person every day detailing what this month, our month means to us. Every weekday I will post a person and write a short caption about what this month means to them"