ALINE SMITHSON: Monograph | Self + Others: Portrait As Autobiography

Self + Others: Portrait As Autobiography
Photographs by Aline Smithson
Published by the Magenta Foundation

 Fur from Daughter
Photograph © Aline Smithson

Special Edition soft-cover in a fabulous Drawer Box!

Mr. Malin from Hollywood at Home

Aline Smithson is known as a superstar among her peers. She is beloved in the photo community she so generously promotes and supports daily in her award winning journal, LENSCRATCH, she teaches workshops at the Los Angeles Center of Photography, jury's exhibitions and reviews at portfolio reviews all around the country – while working full-time on her own photography career.

Now, the Magenta Foundation is publishing Aline Smithson's first monograph, Self + Others: Portrait As Autobiography, portrait photographs spanning over twenty years. A gorgeous must-have photography book, with a foreword by Paula Tognarelli, Executive Director and Curator at the Griffin Museum of Photography; an introduction by Karen Sinsheimer, Curator of Photography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; and some very interesting, revealing text from the photographer about her photographic series, opens each chapter.

I have always been partial to Aline Smithson's black and white photographs of her family with her children at various ages and stages. I was interested to learn she was inspired by some of my favorite photographers. She writes "...I was drawn to the humanity of the early portraits of Keith Carter, captured near his home in Beaumont, Texas; I was fascinated with the intimacy Diane Arbus was able to create with strangers; and I was affected by Matt Mahurin’s moody and gestural images, which inspired me to print darker and take risks in the darkroom."

Night Light from Daughter
Photograph © Aline Smithson

Photograph © Aline Smithson

Venus Rising from Inside Out
Photograph © Aline Smithson

11" × 12"
216 pages with foldout section
55 B&W photographs and 75 colour photographs
Full colour throughout and gilded edges
ISBN 978-1-926856-06-3

Special Edition soft-touch cover book,
inside of a high-gloss, foil stamped
drawer box with a pull-tab

$60 (book)
$150 (special edition book in box)
$300 (special edition book in box, with print)
Self + Others: Portrait As Autobiography
Photographs by Aline Smithson

"Aline Smithson Talks To Elizabeth Avedon" 


UNDER A SACRED SKY: The Enchanted Cosmos With Ray Grasse // Photography + Astrology

 The Sphinx
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse

Exploring The Plateau
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse

 Long Shadows from his series Night Vision
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse
Photography + Astrology with Ray Grasse

One of my favorite Chicago-based photographers, Ray Grasse, is an accomplished Renaissance Man; writer, musician, photographer, and astrologer. Ray has written many important and impressive articles and books on astrology, and his latest recently published Under A Sacred Sky is now available on Amazon.

From the book's jacket: "Under a Sacred Sky is a fascinating collection of essays by the author on the ancient art of astrology, ranging from discussions of its use in our personal lives to its value for understanding historical cycles and patterns. Along the way Ray Grasse also interjects the story with some of his own personal experiences in the discipline, while exploring its broader implications for subjects like synchronicity, spirituality, and the yogic concept of the chakras. This book includes interviews with Rick Tarnas and Laurence Hillman and is suitable for both beginner and advanced students of the subject."

If you're interested in a wide-ranging, philosophical exploration of our place in the cosmos, and the relation of the planets not only to our personal lives but to cultural forms like cinema, religion, and politics, check out Ray Grasse's book on Amazon and his Astrology website here.



 Photograph (c) Sean Perry | from his series fotopolis

 Photograph (c) Sean Perry | from his series fotopolis

International Call for Entries | Illuminate with Juror Elizabeth Avedon
THEME | Illuminate: All types of subject matter, capture types and photographic processes are eligible to submit. Eligibility: Our calls for entry are open to all photographers world wide, both amateur and professional. The Center invites photographers working in all mediums, styles and schools of thought to participate. Don't wait until the last minute. Enter Now!

More Entry Details here

Entries Due | August 26, 2015

Notice Of Acceptance | September 12, 2015
Exhibition Dates | December 4, 2015 – January 23, 2016
Public + Artists’ Reception | December 4, 2015 6-9 pm

Threshold from his series Night Vision
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse

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