“Circle: Self-Portraits, 1998 - 2001” © JUNG S KIM

Circle II #17 © Jung S Kim
A girl who was murdered by her stepmother, 2011

Jung S Kim (b.1969 South Korea) is best known for her self-portrait series ‘Circle’, comprising five sub-series: Circle Untitled, Circle 1998, Circle I, Circle II, Circle III. Kim began photographing herself during her undergraduate years at Chung-Ang University, Korea, Korea while studying under renowned photographers and educators Jung Sik Han and Bohnchang Koo. I've been a big fan of Kim’s work over the year’s and thrilled when she took my NORD Photography Book Design Workshop in 2022.
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My in-depth workshop spans over 9 months and is divided into 3 separate levels. "Designing a great photo-book takes time, and this class is structured to give you the time to develop your taste, skill-set, and design choices, so the end result is a thoroughly crafted book that highlights your work in the best way possible.” My next online NORD Photography 'Photo-Book’ Design Workshop begins Feb 21, 2024.  

"This workshop is so great. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I am so amazed by what I accomplished with Elizabeth (Avedon) and Elisabeth’s (Nordeng Aanes) feedback. Elizabeth Avedon is absolutely the best at book design and she imparts so much information. I also forged some great friendships with students in the group. It’s the best course I’ve taken on creating photo books...Even if you decide to go with a publisher, as I ended up doing for the distribution, you will have so much more control and input since the PDF you create in her class will be a fantastic start with so many of your own ideas. Though the art director and I at Daylight changed a few things, much of what I had submitted remained. I really felt like a true co-collaborator and am thrilled with the final PDF, which we just finished. Sign up! You won’t be disappointed.” – Lynne Buchanan

"I’m so grateful to Elizabeth Avedon for her expert guidance with the editing and sequencing of my book, BOSQUE. The workshop not only helped me to learn and appreciate the art of sequencing images, but also helped me understand all of the fine details specific to book design. I highly recommend this class and continue to meet with and deepen friendships with fellow students. In other words, it opened my eyes and deepened my path as an artist-something I will always be so thankful for." – Susan J. Preston

For anyone who has felt daunted by the myriad of necessary decisions in order to publish a book of photography, this class will help you immensely, and will set you well on your way to emerging with a professional piece that could be on par by any fine art book - Michael Schenker, Off The Beaten Path

My next online NORD Photography 'Photo-Book’ Design Workshop begins Feb 21, 2024. Registration: nordphotography.com/photobookavedon2024