A. SMITH GALLERY: Black and White

 William King / Give Peace a Chance

 Mark Coggins / Geisha Confidential

 Leslie Jean-Bart / The Cargo Has Arrived

Francis Crisafio / Holdup in the Hood 1

Black + White

“I’ve been forty years discovering that the queen of all colors is black.” – Henri Matisse

The call to enter was simple. Black and White. The possibilities of what may be entered are limitless. “All the masters shot in black and white,” as Daido Moriyama has put so simply, “but then again, that is all they had.” Today there are so many other choices, and directions photographers can take, but thankfully many continue to embrace the choice toward black and white imagery.

I never get bored looking at images. I’m drawn to all types, all subjects, and all genres. What makes one image more interesting to me than another is hard to define. Finding something, perhaps the smallest detail, is the extraordinary that waits to be discovered.

And so with this call for entry I was not disappointed by the results. From over 1,000 images submitted, I found that there was more than one exhibition that could be edited from the whole. That is what makes jurying so difficult. There are only fifty seats at the table, but there are at least four or five times as many images that exceed expectations, that tell a story better than another, that make you feel strongly about something you may not have noticed before.

When I first viewed William King’s magical photograph of Coretta Scott King (no relation), I knew it had to receive the top Juror’s Award. It just rose above the others both in content and in skill. I had that same strong feeling when viewing Leslie Jean-Bart, Mark Coggins and Francis Crisafio' three Honorable Mention photographs. The images that followed were chosen individually for one reason or another, but not to say they were easy choices – there were so many that had to be left out for reasons of space. The photographs that weren’t “chosen” this time around – try not to take it personally – all of the work was very good. Continue to send your work out into the world as a big wide net. Let it come back to you from sources you couldn’t plan. You can never be sure who will find it, and contact you next.

– Elizabeth Avedon

black + white
Juror | Elizabeth Avedon
Exhibition dates | August 4 to September 10, 2017
Reception | August 26, 2017 from 4 to 8pm

photographic arts
103 N. Nugent Ave
Johnson City, Texas



 © Claire A. Warden, Ed Friedman Award
 The 23rd Griffin Museum Juried Exhibition

© Suzanne Revy, Director's Award
The 23rd Griffin Museum Juried Exhibition

The 23rd Griffin Museum Juried Exhibition - Ed Friedman Legacy, curated by Hamidah Glasgow, Executive Director and Curator at The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado, is in the Main Gallery of the Griffin Museum through September 1, 2017. View all the artist's work: griffinmuseum.org

Jimmy Mack, On Float, Southampton, NY
© Gary Beeber, 2016

Steve D., God Bless America
© Gary Beeber, 2016

Gary Beeber’s series, “Personalities,” is featured in the Griffin Gallery at the Griffin Museum of Photography through September 1, 2017. Beeber began making documentary films of burlesque shows and accompanying side performances. His focus was on people who led unconventional lives.

© Rocio de Alba / Honor Thy Mother

Rocio de Alba’s ongoing series, “Honor Thy Mother,” is featured in the Atelier Gallery at the Griffin Museum of Photography from June 6st through September 3rd, 2017. de Alba poses in a series of humorous and processed self-portraits, which shows us different contemporary mothers in current modern families. Read more: griffinmuseum.org/show/honor-thy-mother/

© Janet Holmes, Clarice
Griffin Museum Instagram Exhibition

The 23rd Juried Exhibition: Ed Friedman Legacy Show assembled 84 images as part of the virtual Instagram Exhibition juried by Hamidah Glasgow. More: Griffinmuseum.org/

The Griffin Museum of Photography, a non-profit organization dedicated solely to the art of photography, is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year! As a public charity The Griffin Museum is dedicated solely to the language of photography. Through the many exhibitions, programs and lectures that they  produce, they strive to encourage a broader understanding and appreciation of the visual, emotional and social impact of the photograph. Through its network of eight galleries and 40-60 exhibitions, the Griffin Museum is at the cusp of cultural and artistic innovation in photography-all tirelessly overseen by the Griffin's brilliant Director, Paula Tognarelli. Ms. Tognarelli not only plans and over see's all 8 galleries exhibitions rotating at all times, but juries exhibitions and reviews portfolio's around the world, as well as mentoring grammar school children and all of the photography community at large all times! Whew! I'm exhausted imaging what a day in the life of Paula Tognarelli is all about.

In October, The Griffin Museum of Photography with collaborators SoWa Boston, Boston University, Lesley University, Art New England and Gallery Kayafas, brings FlashPoint Boston, a photography festival, to Boston. Donate here

Also in October, there will be "The Fence", lectures, workshops, panel discussions, portfolio reviews 
and the Griffin's Focus Awards.
The Griffin Focus Awards will be presented to:

Elizabeth Avedon (Lifetime Achievement!)

Paul Messier (Beacon)

American Photography Archives Group (Spotlight) 

and Beuford Smith (A Culture of Legacy)


CLAMPART: Where Water Comes Together

 Alex Gencarelli | Untitled (Breath)

 Peter Nicholson | Untitled (from the series “What Cheer?”)

Tianqiutao Chen | Untitled (from the series “The Last Post”)

Rhode Island School of Design 2017 MFA Graduate Show
July 20 – 28, 2017

Opening Reception:
Thursday, July 20, 2017
6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

247 West 29th Street, NY
+1 646.230.0020


ENTER PORTRAITS: South x Southeast Gallery. Deadline July 15, 2017

Photograph © Elizabeth Paul Avedon

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon
Deadline to Enter: July 15th, 2017

South x Southeast Gallery
 Exhibition: November 1 - December 15, 2017
Enter your portraits, self-portraits, and likenesses. As Juror, I'm looking for committed artists  with a clear voice; a narrative flow; an image that takes me on an unknown journey. I'm always interested in beauty, curiosity, nerve, illusion, and the magic of photography. Sponsored by Nancy McCrary, South x Southeast PhotoGallery Enter here

Juror: Elizabeth Avedon
Deadline to Enter: July 15th, 2017

South x Southeast Gallery
  Exhibition: November 1 - December 15, 2017


BLACK / WHITE : A Smith Gallery Juried Results

Juror Award
William King / Give Peace a Chance

Juror Honorable Mention
Leslie Jean-Bart / The Cargo Has Arrived

Jurors Honorable Mention
Mark Coggins / Geisha Confidential

Juror Honorable Mention
Francis Crisafio / Holdup in the Hood 1

Juror | Elizabeth Avedon

Exhibition dates | August 4 to September 10, 2017

Reception | August 26, 2017 from 4 to 8pm

A Smith Gallery Photographic Arts

103 N Nugent Avenue

Johnson City, Texas


The Best of LensCulture, Volume 1

The Best of LensCulture, Volume 1 (Schilt Publishing, 2017)

 © Justine Tjallinks

© Gareth Bragdon

© Matic Zorman

"The language of photography continues to get more interesting and more complex as it becomes the most universal medium of communication worldwide.” – Jim Casper, founder of LensCulture

+  +  +

LensCulture's first book, The Best of LensCulture, Volume 1 (Schilt Publishing, 2017) features contemporary photographers from all over the world, discovered during four of LensCulture’s annual competitions. Not only are these photographers geographically diverse, but their work encompasses many different genres.

For those of you who don't know, LensCulture is a global network and online magazine. For new, emerging and established photographers– it means exposure. THE place to be seen. "For almost 10 years, LensCulture has become one of the most authoritative resources for contemporary photography – currently reaching a monthly audience of over 2 million people around the world. They have been committed to discovering and promoting the best of the global photography community. They look for exciting work from every continent, and from diverse points of view: documentary, fine art, nature, photojournalism, activism, street photography, sports, fashion, poetic, personal, abstract and human. LensCulture International Exposure Awards, now in their 5th year, are granted yearly to discover, reward, and promote new, emerging, and established photographers from around the world."

"The range of work in this book is wide and diverse—from portraits to street photography, photojournalism, personal stories, documentary, fine art, fictional narratives, poetic beauty and abstraction. Their images will take you on a tour of the world and introduce you to people, cultures, historic events and the wonders of nature. Their imagery will also help you appreciate the richness of photography itself as a powerful creative language in all its variety. Who are the people practicing this profound universal language with “fluency” in our image  saturated world today? This book attempts to answer that question. The editors of this volume believe it takes the critical eyes of curators and experts in the field to discover and celebrate true excellence, finding those images that stand out from the crowd and deserve our considered attention."

"The photographers were discovered through four international photography competitions sponsored by LensCulture in the past year. These awards attract entries from photographers all over the world—individuals who have chosen the medium of photography as the best way to communicate and share their experiences, personal visions and points of view. This book is designed as a resource for inspiration, a reference guide, and a point of departure that will allow you to discover amazing photographs and stories." 

Design: Heijdens Karwei, Amsterdam.
ISBN 978 90 5330 862 2
Schilt Publishing 

  © Martin Venezky, Barbara Levine

© Frank Herfort

Many thanks to Schilt Publishing for much of the text and images. And to LensCulture's Jim Casper for his enormous efforts in discovering and showcasing the world’s best new, emerging and established contemporary photographers and multi-media creators, and bringing them into our lives.


The 23rd Griffin Museum of Photography Exhibition Juried by Hamidah Glasgow

 Photograph © Emily Hamilton Laux
Beauty Versus Beauty series about biodiversity 

  Photograph © Emily Hamilton Laux
Beauty Versus Beauty series about biodiversity
"Director's Choice Award"

23rd Griffin Museum Exhibition Catalog
Buy a copy here

Jurist: Hamidah Glasgow, Executive Director and Curator
The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, Colorado

The Griffin Museum of Photography's
23rd Annual Juried Show
Ed Friedman Legacy Exhibition

"In my mind and through my eyes, this exhibition is an expression of life, creativity, and ultimately, of love.” 
– Hamidah Glasgow, Jurist 

Selected Artists
: Anne-Laure Autin, Zeren Badar, Hannah Bates, Clare Benson, Richard Boutwell, Alexandra Broches, Robert Calafiore, Lauren Ceike, Rebecca Clark, Lisa Cohen, Virgil DiBiase, Kev Filmore, Randi Freundlich, Preston Gannaway, Randi Ganulin, Amy Giese, Leonard Greco, Joe Greene, Frank Hamrick, Robert Johnson, Gregory Jundanian, Brian Kaplan, David Kelly, Richard Kent, Barbara Kyne, Emily Hamilton Laux, Susan Lirakis, Joshua Littlefield, Ward Long, Joyce P. Lopez, Molly McCall, Alyssa Minahan, Astrid Reischwitz, Suzanne Revy, Amy Rindskopf, Michelle Rogers Pritzl, Charles Rozier, Claudia Ruiz-Gustafson, Joshua Sarinana, Michael Seif, Wendy Seller, Karen Sparacio, Tema Stauffer, John Steck Jr., Robert Sulkin, Jane Szabo, Jerry Takigawa, Sal Taylor Kydd, David Underwood, Claire A. Warden, David Weinberg, Nina Weinberg Doran, Stuart Zaro, Ryan Zoghlin, Mary Zompetti. read more here 

- Ed Friedman Legacy - 
Hamidah Glasgow, Jurist
July 6 – September 1, 2017
Opening Reception: July 13, 7-8:30 p.m

67 Shore Road, Winchester, MA 01890

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NOTES • I met photographer Emily Hamilton Laux, whose image is on the cover of the Griffin's 23rd Juried Exhibition catalogue, at the Center for Photography at Woodstock Portfolio Reviews in May. Her work was chosen for The Griffin's "Director's Choice Award." • The Griffin Museum's 25th Anniversary Logo Design is by Meg Birnbaum.