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Bright Black World  |  TODD HIDO
Cover image: 1798-4172 from the series Bright Black World
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#11599-5811 from the series Bright Black World
Photograph © 2018 Todd Hido

 #11389-3087 from the series Bright Black World
 Photograph © 2018 Todd Hido

#11797-3252 from the series Bright Black World
 Photograph © 2018 Todd Hido

It's been said that Inuits have many words to describe white. As the polar snow caps melt faster than we ever imagined, I wonder how long it will be before we have as many words to describe darkness. 
– Todd Hido

"Todd Hido’s new monograph, Bright Black World. For over two decades, Hido has crafted narratives through loose and mysterious suburban scenes, desolate landscapes, and stylized portraits. He has traversed North America capturing places that feel at once familiar and unknown; welcoming and unsettling. Underscoring the influences of Nordic mythology and specifically the idea of Fimbulwinter, which translates into the ‘endless winter’, many of Hido’s new images allude to and provide form for this notion of an apocalyptic, never-ending winter.

Exploring the dark terrain of the Northern European landscape and regions as far as the North Sea of Japan enchanted Hido, calling him back on several occasions. This newest publication highlights the artist’s first significant foray extensively photographing territory outside of the United States, chronicling a decidedly new psychological geography.

Opening with a (EA: beautiful and moving) text by Alexander Nemerov, Bright Black World comprises 48 plates printed in an oversized format, and featuring two vertical gatefolds and a fold-out poster measuring some 25 x 40 inches. This first printing is limited to 3,000 cloth bound copies.” – Nazraeli Press  

#11857-5754 from the series Bright Black World
 Photograph © 2018 Todd Hido

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Also available as a Special Edition featuring a signed and numbered original photograph, presented with a signed copy of the book in a custom clamshell box.