from Yonkeros, published by La Fábric
Photograph © Jaime Permuth

In his first monograph, Yonkeros, Guatemalan photographer Jaime Permuth documents “The Iron Triangle”: Willets Point, a small and often overlooked enclave of New York City that is home to junkyards and scrap metal businesses. Permuth’s beautiful black-and-white and color photographs highlight local workers, and their tools and materials.

Francisco Goldman writes, "Soon, maybe by the time you read this, Willets Point might be under the ocean, providing the architecture for one of those artificial reefs that draw fish, coral, crustaceans, a rusted skeleton from which sprouts a renascent marine ecosystem. Junkyard Reefs, these are sometimes called.  Maybe that’s why, as I turned the pages of Jaime Permuth’s beautiful Yonkeros, I thought of Atlantis, of a lost city fathoms deep."

photo: MoMA Store :: YONKEROS

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