TOM CHAMBERS: Hearts and Bones

 Hearts and Bones 
(Unicorn Publishing, 2018)
Tom Chambers Photomontage Retrospective
Introduction by Elizabeth Avedon
Cover: Prom Gown, 2005 / Rite of Passage Series

"I am very aware of the balance of nature and disturbed by the negative impact of global warming. This is not only a problem for the animal population, but it’s now starting to affect us directly through fires, extreme weather, and scarcity of water. I have a daughter who will be on  this planet for years to come. For her I worry about the shift that is happening now." – Tom Chambers

The Trickster © Tom Chambers
To The Edge Series

Charmers © Tom Chambers
Rite of Passage Series

Afternoon with Octavio © Tom Chambers
Dreaming In Reverse Series

Edge of a Dream © Tom Chambers
Animal Vision Series

Stone and Sand © Tom Chambers
To The Edge Series (Ireland)

"Tom Chambers is a visionary artist, a mystical storyteller. When I was first introduced to his work over a decade ago, I was immediately drawn into his masterful world of staged surrealism, combining ideas and images, the mystery of which only he seemed to have the key to unlock." – Elizabeth Avedon

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Raised in the Amish farm country of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, photographer Tom Chambers completed his B.F.A. in 1985 from The Ringling School of Art, Sarasota, Florida majoring in graphic design with an emphasis in photography. Since 1998, Tom has exhibited photomontage images from eight photographic series both nationally and internationally in twenty one solo exhibitions and over seventy group exhibitions and art fairs. 

A comprehensive retrospective of Chambers's stunning Photomontage Art, 'Hearts and Bones', was published this Fall by Unicorn Publishing, London and Chicago.

Hearts and Bones
A Retrospective of Tom Chambers' Photomontage Art
Photographs by Tom Chambers
Foreword by Elizabeth Avedon
Unicorn Publishing Group, Chicago, 2018
In English. 208 pp., 125 color illustrations, 11x11”

photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe
Friday, Nov 30, 2018
5 PM – 7 PM MST


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