CENTER 2020 AWARDS: Sandra Chen Weinstein

 Lee and Me 
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"A blessing and a perfect child. I was surprised when Lee told me only recently. We are always very close and it will always be so. My love for my child is infinite and unconditional." -Sandra (me)

Alejandro and Alexander
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"At 18 years old I was outed. Kicked out of home same day. Didn't talk to my dad for years. Struggled with abandonment. Lived recklessly for a few years. Made it out of the struggle. Found a man that I made my husband. Family came to wedding (progress). Still struggle. but have a therapist. Here I am - GAY. I made it - I am here and still a second class citizen." - Alexander
 Barbara and Jess
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"Barb and Jess are going to get married after a few year of companionship in Bay area."
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"After leaving Sweden, I found my chosen families within the Trans community in America.” 
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 CENTER Director's Choice Award 1st Place

"This is a story of relationships but most importantly, love. This collection of intimate portraits and stories of people and their loved ones, families or chosen families, including my own, from diverse LGBTQ community which constantly struggles for equality and acceptance.

My adult child came out as queer, transgender, non-binary and is collaborating with me in writing in this book. This series of 30 family images are displayed with their own quotes and stories about themselves and their loved ones. The work seeks to aid social justice against stereotype and stigma that have long existed."

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