Enter PORTALS: Windows, Mirrors, and Doors at PhotoPlace Gallery

The Daily News ©  Sean Perry
©  Kerry Mansfield
Event Horizon © Sean Perry
San Andreas Fault © Ellen Jantzen⁠
Juror: Elizabeth Avedon⁠
A 'portal' can be an architectural feature (gate, window, doorway, mirror, tunnel) that frames or isolates or adds dimension to an image. In a fictional sense, a portal can become a magical doorway through time and space. Alone or in combination, they hold unlimited creative possibilities for photographers. For this exhibit, we're looking for images that use these devices in intriguing ways. ⁠
Deadline to Enter: October 5, 2020⁠
PhotoPlace Exhibition: Nov 26 – Dec 26, 2020⁠ 
PhotoPlace Gallery
Middlebury, VT

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