GARY BEEBER: Sylvester Manor, Shelter Island

Shed, Sylvester Manor 
Photograph © Gary Beeber

Ruined Stairway, Sylvester Manor
Photograph © Gary Beeber

Gate to Nowhere, Sylvester Manor
  Photograph © Gary Beeber

Monument, Slave Graveyard since 1651, Sylvester Manor
Photograph © Gary Beeber


Over the years I drove by Sylvester Manor many times without ever knowing what it was.

Something draws me there, I've been back many times. The hauntingly bucolic overgrown garden was part of the former slave holding provisioning plantation purchased in 1652 by Nathaniel Sylvester for 1600 pounds of sugar. I find myself compelled to chronicle it’s evolving decay while attempting to understand it’s complex history.

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by Mac Griswold

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