LAUREN HENKIN: The Park at Foley Gallery

The Park 31 © Lauren Henkin

"One photograph stuck with me the most (This Park #31). There was something about the way the branches coexists with the building’s reflection.  There was a harmony between the built and the natural that I hadn’t expected to see in New York. I became very aware, and very sensitized to the architecture that lives on the periphery of the park.  And scale—the extreme differences between the buildings and us...." read more here

The Park 4 © Lauren Henkin

"For me, it’s as much about seeing the light on the softball field as it is about the softball. It’s as much about the deep grooves in the rocks as it is about the rock-climbing.  It’s as much about the sun on your back as it is about sunbathing. My work is not so much about subject.  It’s about developing an intimate relationship with a viewer so that there can be some kind of emotional response to the photographs...." read more here

April 30-June 8, 2014
 97 Allen Street, NYC

The Park 35 © Lauren Henkin

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the plant gardener said...

i really like the vision that this artist sees