FEATURE SHOOT: 101 Photo Industry Professionals You Should Follow on Twitter

Do you want to keep up with what’s happening in the Photo Industry? Then this list of 101 Photo Industry Professionals is for you. I'm honored to be included at #54 with such a heady group!

Feature Shoot included "feeds that are informative, entertaining, and most importantly that offer us a window into the interests and inspirations of some of the most creative people in the photo world. Whether at the pinnacle of their careers or just starting out, the overriding common thread of those that made the list is that they all share a passion for photography and want to share their knowledge and findings with their followers."

The list is in no particular order.

1. Donald R. Winslow / @donaldrwinslow Editor at News Photographer magazine for NPPA. Teaches at John Cabot University & John Felice Rome Center.  2. David Campbell / @davidc7 Visual storytelling, politics, social media. Secretary to World Press Photo 2014 contest jury.  3. Kathy Ryan / @ryan_kathy  Director of Photography at The New York Times Magazine.  4. Ken Geiger / @kengeiger Deputy Director of Photography at National Geographic Magazine and Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.  5. Michael Wichita / @MichaelWichita Director of Photography for AARP Media in DC.  6. Vaughn Wallace / @vaughnwallace Deputy Photo Editor at Al Jazeera America.  7. Kira Pollack / @KiraPollack Director of Photography and Visual Enterprise at TIME and Executive Producer of Red Border Films. 8. Alessia Glaviano / @AlessiaGlaviano  Senior Photo Editor at Vogue Italia and L’Uomo Vogue.  9. Patrick Witty / @patrickwitty Director of Photography at WIRED.  10. Judith Wesch / @judith_photo Photo Editor at Le Figaro. 11. Yumi Goto / @Yumi_Goto Independent photo documentary/reportage project researcher, coordinator, consultant, editor and curator. 12. Rodrigo Orrantia / @rodrigoorrantia Photography curator, focusing on art photography publication and exhibition projects at DMB and Lucid-ly.  13. Santiago Lyon / @slyon66 Vice President and Director of Photography at The Associated Press.  14. Helen Trompeteler / @htrompeteler Assistant Curator of Photographs at The National Portrait Gallery. 15. Charles Guice / @CharlesGuice  Founder of Charles Guice Contemporary, which features modern and contemporary art, film/video and new media by nationally and internationally recognized visual artists.  16. Fiona Rogers / @Fiona_Rogers  Cultural and Education Manager, Magnum Photos London, and Founder of Firecracker, an online platform supporting European women photographers.  17. Patrick Baz  / @Patrick_Baz MENA Photo Manager for Agence France-Presse; has covered all major Mideast conflicts and crises—Bosnia, Somalia and Afghanistan.  18. Wayne Ford / @wayneford Designer/Creative Director—visual identity and communication.  19. SMBHmag / @BarryWHughes Editor at online photography magazine, SMBHmag (SuperMassiveBlackHole).  20. Emma Bowkett / @emmalbowkett Photo Editor at the Financial Times FT Weekend Magazine.  21. Elizabeth Orcutt / @PixEditor Deputy Picture Editor at The Times, academic artist (photography), PhD student and lecturer at Falmouth University.  22. Brad Smith / @BradSmithSI Director of Photography for Sports Illustrated.  23. Rebecca Mcclelland / @rlmcclelland Group Photo Editor at New Statesman, PCP Associate Lecturer Photo UCA, and Creative Director Ian Parry Scholarship.   24. Matthew Leifheit / @matte_mag Photo Editor at VICE and Editor-in-Chief of MATTE Magazine.    25. Ángel Luis González / @bohoe Founder and Director of PhotoIreland and The Library Project.  26. Stuart Pilkington / @stupilkington Art photography curator and curator of ‘The Swap.’  27. Matt M. McKnight / @mattmillsphoto Photo editor, news junkie, and freelance photojournalist.  28. Scott Braut / @scottbraut VP of Content for Shutterstock and Offset.   29. Louise Clements / @mazmanian  Artistic Director of QUAD & FORMAT International Photo Festival.   30. Cheryl Newman / @cherylnewman1 Photo Director at Telegraph magazine. 31. Jennie Ricketts / @jennieric  Picture editor for the Observer Magazine c.1996-2004. Launched jenniericketts.com photography gallery in 2006.  32. Prison Photography / @brookpete Freelance scrawler, photography, prisons, and social justice. Writer for Raw File blog, WIRED photo blog, and BagNews Notes.  33. Sacha Lecca / @sachalecca Senior Photo Editor at Rolling Stone.   34. Emily Shornick / @EmilyShornick Photo Editor at NY Mag’s The Cut.  35. Conor Risch / @c_risch Senior Editor for PDNonline.   36. Manuela Oprea / @Takeoff  Photo Editor at Bloomberg Markets Magazine. 37. Katrin Eismann / @SVADigitalPhoto Artist, author, educator, digital photography fiend.  38. Geordie Wood / @geordiewood Photographer and Photo Editor at The FADER.   39. Olivier Laurent/ @olivierclaurent Associate Editor at the British Journal of Photography and new TIME LightBox Editor.  40. Bruno Decock / @brunodecock Documentary photographer and International Photo Editor for Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors without Borders (MSF).  41. Clint Alwahab/ @calwahab Photo editor at CNN and photographer.  42. Becky Senf / @RebeccaSenf Photography curator at Phoenix Art Museum.  43. Leslie K. Brown / @LeslieLKB Curator, photo historian, educator, PhD candidate in History of Photography.  44. David Griffin / @dgriffin56 Visuals Editor of The Washington Post, former Director of Photography of National Geographic Magazine.  45. aphotoeditor / @aphotoeditor Former Director of Photography at Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. Publisher/Editor of A Photo Editor.  46. Elizabeth I. Johnson / @elizabethij Senior Photo Editor and typist for CNN Photos.  47. Pamela Chen / @pc Senior Photo Editor at National Geographic Magazine.  48. Mary Vignoles / @MVignoles Photo Editor at Los Angeles Times.  49. JamesEstrin / @JamesEstrin Co-Editor and Senior Staff Photographer at New York Times Lens Blog.  50. Pancho Bernasconi / @DailyLuca Director of Photography at Getty Images.   51. Oliver Lang / @oggsie Mobile photography curator, Instagram commercial and cultural consultant.  52. Sophie Wright / @wrightsophie Cultural and Print Room Director at Magnum Photos.  53. Rebecca Douglas-Home / @BeccaDH Picture Editor, London.  54. Elizabeth Avedon / @elizabethavedon Independent photography curator and writer.  55. Susan Bright / @SusanBrightNYC Curator and writer, NYC.  56. Tony Bell / @bellyboy69 Picture Editor at the Observer.  57. ANTON / @PhotoAnton Photographer, founder of Photographers Dining Club, producer of ‘Analogue Tribes’ short films.  58. Katy Barron / @KBarronPhotos Independent photography curator and consultant, London.  59. Andy Adams / @FlakPhoto Editor, producer, publisher at FlakPhoto.com  60. Anne McNeill / @impgalleryanne Director of Impressions Gallery, not for profit contemporary photography gallery, Bradford.  61. Sarah McDonald / @PhotoFramed Curator at Getty Images and writer specializing in historical and press photography. 62. Mia Diehl / @MiaDiehl Photography director of Fortune Magazine.  63. Larissa Leclair / @LarissaLeclair Founder  64. Luanne Dietz / @LuanneDietz Photo Editor at The San Francisco Chronicle. 65.
Jennifer Schwartz / @Crusade4Art  Creator/director of Crusade for Art, a non-profit dedicated to building artists’ capacity to create demand for their work.  66. Andy Greenacre / @andygreenacre Picture Editor at The Telegraph Magazine.  67. David Bram / @dbram Editor of Fraction magazine.  68. Julie Grahame / @aCurator Publisher and editor of aCurator.com, a full-screen online photography magazine.  69. Gerry Brakus / @gerrylb Ex-Deputy Picture Editor of The Independent. Acting Photography Editor of New Statesman.  70. Ryan Grimley / @RLGrimley Currently picture desk intern at Wallpaper* Magazine and holds the fort at Darwin Magazine.  71. Gary Hershorn / @GaryHershorn Photojournalist and Photo Editor freelancing after 29 years working for a global news agency.  72. Daria Scolamacchia / @dariascola Editor at Fabrica.  73. Keith W. Jenkins / @keithwj Director of Photography for National Geographic Digital and former head of multimedia at NPR.  74. Kate Barrett / @kateelisabee Associate Photography Editor at Wallpaper* Magazine.  75. Stellazine / @StellaKramer Photo Editor and creative consultant working with photographers to help their careers.  76. Jon Levy / @FOTO8 Foto8 connects documentary photographers, authors and audiences creating interactive displays, photography exhibitions, books and magazine publications.  77. Brian Storm / @BrianStorm Founder and Executive Producer of MediaStorm.  78. Jen Bekman / @jenbee Founder and CEO of 20×200.  79. Lesley A. Martin / @lamartin Photobooks and other good things. Digi-curious, print passionate.  80. Josh K Lustig / @joshklustig Assignments Editor at Panos Pictures and publisher of Tartaruga Press.  81. Greg Whitmore / @G_Whizzz Picture Editor at The Observer.  82. Delphine Bedel / @delphinebedel  Photographer, lecturer, photobook publisher, curator and Founder of Monospace Press, Amsterdam Art/Book Fair.  83. Christine Santa Ana / @christinecurate  Independent photography curator, Pop-Up Exhibitions with Of The Afternoon.  84. Shawn Waldron / @shawnwald Senior Director, Conde Nast Archive.  85. Jörg M. Colberg / @jmcolberg Writer, photographer, teacher.  86. David Drake / @ffotodavid Curator, writer and producer, Director of ffotogallery.  87. Hamidah Glasgow / @HamidahGlasgow Executive Director of The Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado.  88. Susan Spiritus / @SusanSpiritus Owner/Director of Susan Spiritus Gallery, representing emerging and mid-career photographers since 1976.  89. Ashley Byford-Bates / @ashb_bates Global Head of Reuters Pictures and Archive Products.  90. Micha Bruinvels / @michabruinvels Manager Contests at World Press Photo.  91. Teru Kuwayama / @terukuwayama Hoover Institution fellow, Senior TED fellow, Ochberg fellow at Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma, and Knight fellow at Stanford.  92. Amy Yenkin / @AmyYenkin Director of the Documentary Photography Project at the Open Society Foundations.  93. Max Houghton / @MaxHoughton8 Senior Lecturer in Photography at London College of Communication.  94. Chiara Palazzo / @cvpalazzo Assistant Picture Editor at The Telegraph.  95. Eric Baradat / @Ebaradat Photo Editor-in-Chief of Agence France-Presse.  96. Donna Cohen / @donnatova Photo Editor at Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.   97. Lars Boering / @larsboering Managing Director of FotografenFederatie of the Netherlands, art dealer at Lux Photo Gallery, teacher and consultant.  98. Chelsea Matiash / @cmatiash Photo Editor at Wall Street Journal.  99. Jordan G. Teicher / @teicherj Covers photography for Slate. 100. Tom Gifford / @graphitegrey Senior Creative Artworker at Table19.  101. Tabish Khan / @LondonArtCritic Reviewer of art and museum exhibits for Londonist, and weekly top 5 on FAD.

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