Photograph © Yoav Friedlander

 Turkana Wedding
Photograph © Marco Castro

 series "Tides"
 Photograph © Erica Price


Top left across: James Estrin, Co-Editor, NY Times Lens Blog; Jonas Cuenin, Editor-in-Chief, Camera Magazine; Susan May Tell, ASMPNY Fine Art Chair; Jaime Permuth, Photographer Author; John A. Bennette, Collector, Lecturer, Editor, Curator. 2nd row, left across: Photographer Amy Arbus, Jaime Permuth, James Estrin, Ruben Natal-San Miguel and Gabrielle Greenberg; Gabrielle Greenberg, Associate, Howard Greenberg Gallery; Frank Rocco, ASMP-NY President; Pamela Jean Tinnen, Curator, NYU Kimmel Galleries; Salem Krieger, ASMP-NY Sponsorship Chair. 3rd row, left across: Photographer author Jaime Permuth; Photographer Curator Rusben natal-San Migue; Corinne Tapia, Gallery Director, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery; Rafael Fuchs, Photographer Gallery Owner; Ruben Natal-San Miguel. Bottom row, left across: A.D. Coleman, Critic, Historian, Curator; Alice Zimet, Collector; Photographer Thomas Donley, Photographer and ASMP-NY Membership Chair; and Liam Alexander, ASMP-NY Board Member; Milton J. Ellenbogen, Collector Dealer. Complete list of Reviewers here: L'Oeil de la Photographie

 Photograph © Eileen Lerner

Walking on Air
Photograph © Linn Sage

Mannequin 5
Photograph © Margaret McCarthy

Photograph © Danielle Kelly

Photograph © Eric A. Wessman

Strolling Fifth Avenue After Midnight
Photograph © Teresa Kruszewski

Photograph © Kristy Chatelain

Above are the 10 photographers I reviewed for the ASMPNY 10th Annual Portfolio Review. Check out their websites and blogs for more images!


Susan May Tell said...

Wonderful round-up! Thank you for being an amazing reviewer!

Frank Rocco said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for being a cherished part of our Fine Art Portfolio Review throughout the years! Thanks for the great "behind the scenes" photos as well!

Teresa Kruszewski said...

Thank you so much for this. You continue to inspire and motivate me to be a better photographer! Thank you for sharing my work with your followers. You are an amazing woman. Teresa