ANNA AGOSTON: "Untitled" Living Plant Elements Found In Nature

Photograph © Anna Agoston

 Photograph © Anna Agoston

 Photograph © Anna Agoston

"Untitled" 174 black-and-white macro photographs of living plant elements found in nature... 

A resident of Brooklyn, New York, Anna was born and raised in Paris, France. Always passionate about art, she qualified as an architect DPLG (government-certification) at the Ecole d'Architecture Paris Malaquais, and went on to earn the M.Arch.II degree in architecture at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design. There, she studied fine art photography under Professor Jim Dow of the Department of Visual and Environmental studies, and photographed her first series, “Dorm.” In October 2013, Anna made her lifelong passion, fine art photography her main professional occupation. I met Agoston at the 2015 powerHouse Portfolio Review.

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