Pablo Picasso, Vallauris, France, 1954
© Arnold Newman

Eikoh Hosoe, 1971 © Arnold Newman

Georgia O'Keefe, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico, 1968
© Arnold Newman

 Yasuo Kuniyoshi, New York City, 1941
© Arnold Newman

Helen Levitt, 1944 © Arnold Newman

Georgia O'Keefe, NYC, 1944 © Arnold Newman

"Arnold Newman (1918-2006) was born in New York City. He began his career in photography in 1938 working at chain portrait studios in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and West Palm Beach, and immediately began working in abstract and documentary photography on his own. In June of 1941, Beaumont Newhall of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Alfred Stieglitz “discovered” him, and he was given an exhibition with at the A.D. Gallery in September. In 1945 his Philadelphia Museum of Art one-man show, Artists Look Like This, attracted nationwide attention. Newman’s new approach to portraiture began its influence through key publications in America and abroad. Exhibitions and purchases of his work by major museums quickly followed." 

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"Published to coincide with the centennial of Arnold Newman’s birth, Arnold Newman: One Hundred offers a celebratory look at 100 of the photographer’s most provocative and memorable images. Arnold Newman (1918–2006) is generally acknowledged as the pioneer of the environmental portrait. He spent time exploring the essence of his subjects, finding the best environment to express who they were, and integrating them with their work into compositions that referenced the work. He structured his own visual language, setting up photographs with jaunty geometric grace and inventing visual elements where none existed thus adding complexity and depth to his portraits. His sense of tension, rhythm, and balance, guides the eye through his command of composition."

"The book interweaves the portraits with a selection of Newman’s earlier abstractions and still lifes and thus illuminates the photographer’s development and creative process. The carefully composed formal elements of his early images are echoed in his portraiture and demonstrate his understanding and assimilation of the modernist and cubist ideas that were manifest in the work of many of the artists he photographed and befriended.” 
– Howard Greenberg Gallery

"Arnold Newman: One Hundred" 
Cover: William de Kooning, New York, 1959

Photography by Arnold Newman
Introduction by Gregory Heisler
Hardcover / 10 x 12 inches
100 images / 224 pages
Radius Books, 2018


All text courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery

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