PDN: PhotoBook NYC

Cover: Cyclone With Car, from the series Coney Morning
Photograph (c) Stefanie Dworkin

(l) Skateboarders, Midwood, Brooklyn, 2010
(r) Pin-up girls, Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2007

Photographs by Valery Rizzo
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(l) Into The Light (r) Chance Meeting
Photographs by Sandy Alpert / click image to enlarge

Photographs from the series Coney Morning by Stefanie Dworkin
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PDN's PHOTOBOOK NYC Photography Contest, called for the best New York City related Photography: "From the iconic grandeur of the skyline, to the heart of the communities PDN's panel of NYC experts helped choose 35 photographers published in this 'special edition' book ... that captures true NYC experiences."

PHOTOBOOK NYC was edited by PDN's Lauren Wendle, VP/Publisher; John Gimenez, Contest + Event Director; and Jacqueline Tobin, Deputy Editor. It was designed by Elizabeth Avedon; PDN's Moneer Masih-Tehrani, Special Events Manager; and Daniel Ryan, Production Director.


Susan May Tell said...

Wow! It looks terrific!

Bruce Barone said...

Yes! It sure does look great!!!

Caio Fern said...

Really wonderful works !

Kristin H said...

Great for gifts:)

Unknown said...

You did such wonderful work on the book. I'm one one the photographers and am so pleased. Thank you.

Joan Garvin

davidikus said...

Great work: great work on the phtoography, great work on graphic design, great work on type; from what I can see!