EDWARD RANNEY: Monuments of the Incas

Saywite, 1971
Photograph (c)
Edward Ranney

Machu Picchu
Photograph (c)
Edward Ranney

Machu Picchu
Photograph (c) Edward Ranney

Photograph (c)
Edward Ranney

Machu Picchu
Photograph (c)
Edward Ranney

"Edward Ranney has photographed the natural and man-altered landscape for over thirty years, specializing during that period in recording important aspects of pre-Columbian archaeological sites of Peru. His photographs of Inca sites of the Andean highlands were made during the 1970's and published in depth in Monuments of the Incas.

The photographs presented here reflect Ranney's ability to depict the rock shrines carved in situ at many sites, as well as his sensitivity to the Incas unique adaptation to the highland landscape around Cusco.

Individual showings of this work have been presented at the Museum of Modern Art, New York; The Art Institute of Chicago, the Stanford University Art Museum, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Santa Fe, New Mexico. In 1998 Ranney selected and supervised the photogravure printing of ten images of Machu Picchu to accompany the publication by The Limited Editions Club of Pablo Neruda's poem The Heights of Macchu Picchu."–photo-eye Gallery
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photo-eye Gallery, Santa Fe
First Wednesday Photography Salon
Artists Edward Ranney and
Christopher Benson presenting the work of Richard Benson
September 7th, 6:30-9:00

Photographer Edward Ranney will speak about his extensive career as a photographer working in the country of Peru and the American West. Painter, gallerist and custom book maker Christopher Benson will speak about his uncle Richard Benson's career as a photographer, photo historian and author, as well as discuss his own publication company The Fisher Press. In addition to the Salon, Axle Contemporary (mobile gallery) will be parked outside of photo-eye Gallery for a preview of their new exhibition, I Am Animal, Vegetable, Mineral.


Valéry Lorenzo said...

With the same requirements as those of Maxime Du Camp.
It looks like talismans.

Caio Fern said...

his work is really beautiful.

The Decorator said...

I am so moved by these wonderful images
of Machu Picchu....

one day I would love to experience
this incredible place for my self but for now I am so
inspired by these beautiful black and white images....