THOMAS ALLEN: Beautiful Evidence Opens Foley Gallery's New Space

from the series Beautiful Evidence
Photograph (c) Thomas Allen/Courtesy of Foley Gallery, NY

After eight years in Chelsea, the Foley Gallery relocated to the Lower East Side on Allen Street. Opening the new gallery space is their fourth solo exhibition of artist Thomas Allen.

Foley Gallery writes, "Playing the role of scientist, Thomas Allen enlists mid 20th-century books on the natural phenomenon of science (astronomy, physics, electricity, biology) and presents his research as if through the eyes of his 8-year old daughter. How would she understand and portray these theories and absolutes of science?"

"Allen’s signature use of cutting and repurposing book illustrations has not vanished. Instead of the pulp fiction genre, Allen plays with 50’s era versions of clean cut youths and domesticated moms. His unmistakable talent for creating the illusion of 3D in photography with his deft cuts and crimps, establishes a magical world in which a boy and girl play tag creating their own kind of electricity, a milkman makes a very special delivery in space, young toughs play marbles with the solar system and a mother busily sews her own version of “string theory.”

Sept 9 through Oct 14, 2012
97 Allen St, NYC
Open Wed – Sun
11AM – 6PM

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PJ said...

I had no idea my childhood could come back to me in such delightful way. Just brilliant.