fossils of light + time: A Juried Publication // Open Call for Entries to June 30th

 from "White and Vinegar" © Daidō Moriyama

 © Daidō Moriyama

fossils of light + time  // I am collaborating with the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography on a juried black and white photo publication. Details here!

L.A. Noir, 2014 © Daidō Moriyama

Stray Dog, Misawa, 1971
© Daidō Moriyama

L.A. Noir, 2014
© Daidō Moriyama

Entertainer on Stage, Shimizu, 1967
© Daidō Moriyama

The title of this publication is from a beautiful and seductive quote by Daido Moriyama, "If you were to ask me to define a photograph in a few words, I would say it is “a fossil of light and time.”

Moriyama continues to be such an instrumental figure in the art of the photo book, it seems only natural to base this publication on his use of the interplay between extremes of the real and the ideal; bold, stark unpredictable images of life in the streets and in anonymous places. DCCP's "fossils of light + time" exhibition speaks to that space between images not yet taken – memory and photography captured in a 30th of a second.  – Juror, Elizabeth Avedon

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"His prints are not only super grainy but also dark and heavily over-inked but suitably strangely composed for their subjects – a feral dog fills a large frame and in Moriyama’s new book, faces an equally feral man, crouching on a pavement; in the Tokyo streets and roads, he hones in on rubbish bags, wet pavements, crashed cars printed as dark as negatives, and lit up factories and skyscrapers which veer to abstraction." – WPO: Sue Steward on Daido Moriyama here

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Photographers may submit 1-5 black and white images by June 30th. After submitting the application fee, you'll be redirected to DCCP's page where you can follow the link to the SlideRoom application. Entrants will be notified of the juror's selections by July 31st. All entrants will receive a copy of the publication. 


Unknown said...

Detroit entries submission question? Size and DPI is mentioned but not format, Jpeg or Tiff?

Elizabeth Avedon said...

Roy Feldman: Send jpeg/s for submission/s. We'll check with the selected artists before printing to make sure we have the right file type/profile.

Dahlphotog said...

Trying to submit as it is still the 26th Deadline...the slideshow portal and submission guidelines are not working even though I paid the $30 fee. Any help?
Thanks in Advance.

Kris Dahl

Anonymous said...

The deadline is extended for two more days and I am trying to get to the detail page (link above) but its not showing anymore so please inform the Size and the DPI because I do have the Slideroom page just need to upload the images according to the specifications that I am unaware of.


Please email us at info@detroitccp.org and we will make sure that you are properly directed to the SlideRoom program page. We don't want anyone to be left out!



Elizabeth Avedon said...

Glitches submitting to SlideRoom seem to be worked out.