MOZIE BICYCLES: Urban Chic | The 'Marc'

off to a gig on his sleek new ride - the 'Marc' by Mozie

Mozie Bicycles, a leading innovator of European and Vintage-style bikes, was born out of the desire to design the perfect street bicycles that would represent the innate style of the rider through a handsome elegant design. Bicycles that retain comfort and practicality without sacrificing the exterior look. Bicycles that uphold classical, stylish cycling heritage while embracing the technologies and improvements of the modern world.

The 'Marc' combines sleek design with functionality, creating an exceptional ride. This bicycle is truly designed for the rider who knows where they want to go and wants to get there in style.

Buck + Wing is a luxurious line of leather cycle accessories for these bikes. Using hand-crafted tooling techniques, combined with finest high-quality leathers and hides, Buck + Wing brings a select range of saddles, grips, baskets, bags and accessories. 

Moto Cafe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

"Thanks Mozie Bicycles for helping me get to my gigs in style" – Matthew Avedon. Avedon plays Gypsy Jazz every Monday night at St. Mazie, Tuesday nights at Moto Cafe, Sundays at The Roxy.

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Dog in a Basket
William Avedon and Lecha riding the 'Carolina'

Inspired by the rich bicycle culture of Holland and Denmark, 'Carolina's' oversized Buck and Wing Basket sits atop an assortment of incredible accessories. Comfort leather grips and sprung saddle  create an enjoyable journey, while the front stabilizer spring helps steady her load. The oversized chrome wheel-powered headlamp, frame-mounted tire pump, and rear carrier rack add further functionality.

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"You don't need to be an engineer to get it assembled"
Mozie Founder, Darren Buck

Mozie bicycles are shipped almost fully built

"Been cruising around all day on my sweet new gig-mobile.
Awesome gears!!!"–Matthew Avedon

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