SANDRA CHEN WEINSTEIN: Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award Portrait Prize + Talk

1st Prize “Untitled” from "SHE/They" project
​Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

KUALA LUMPUR INTERNATIONAL PHOTO AWARDS ( KLPA) Portrait Photography Prize was awarded to Sandra Chen Weinstein's photograph, “Untitled,” the 1st prize winner for Open Category in this year’s contest “Defining Family."

"The inside of "D's" mind is wonderland, chaotic, and unorganized. The only thing that makes sense in her mind is that nothing does and the only order, is no order. "D" had a tough time growing up - constantly bullied at school. She left home as a late teen from Los Angeles. Women in every society face the task of transforming these expectations of others in order to match their own sensibilities and ambitions. The series of candid yet intimate women portraits illuminates the dynamic and complex feminine psychology, the perception of tradition, love, identity and ideals in life. As a whole the work seeks to demonstrate how women inhabit diverse bodies and express complex forms of self-determination." 

 ​ "Woman of Nablus"
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

 ​"New Home" from Refuge in America
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

 "L.A. Women"
 Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

 "Child Shiva"
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

KLPA 2017 Awards Ceremony Presentation + Opening of the Exhibition on September 9 includes an Artist talk by Sandra Chen Weinstein “PERSONAL STORIES’ Presentation at the White Box Gallery, WHITEBOX, Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 10.  

Weinstein will present stories from a selection of images mainly focusing on intimate portraits of women with attention to their diversity, community, culture, and empowerment. The selection of images (above) are from women refugees in America, Middle East, India, and California.

Opening of Exhibition + Artist Talk 
September 9, 2017
White Box Gallery, WHITEBOX
Publika, Solaris Dutamas, 10

September 9, 2017–September 19, 2017
Whitebox Gallery, PUBLIKA
Sandra Chen Weinstein
Untitled from SHE/They project

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