LANDSKRONA FOTO DUMMY BOOK AWARD 2018: Applications Open Now to June 15th

Duccio Doretti, The Winner
Landskrona Foto Dummy Book Award 2016


ABOUT: Landskrona Foto is one of the most important institutions in Scandinavia for photographic mediation, research and conservation. The key activities for Landskrona Foto are exhibitions, photographic history, research, the conservation of the photographic heritage, an annual photo festival and support for contemporary artists. Landskrona Foto regularly publish photography books and exhibition catalogues and The Dummy Award has existed since 2015 in collaboration with Breadfield press. The Dummy Award is also part of Landskrona Foto Festival, one of the most talked about photo festivals in northern Europe. The ambition for the festival is to show art photography of the highest international class from a blend of countries. The festival is also an important meeting place for photography professionals with a portfolio review, dummy award, workshops, photobook days, a large number of exhibitions, artist talks, seminar and much more.

WHAT WINNERS RECEIVE : Landskrona Foto Dummy Book Award enables the winner to have his or her book project published by Breadfield Press and Landskrona Foto.
 The prize includes all expenses for book production such as design, printing and distribution. The photographer will also receive a large number of books to dispose over and sell. The book will be printed in 600 copies. The prize is valued at approximately 15.000 euros. The winner will be invited to this year festival to receive the award simultaneously as the release party of last year’s winner Gloria Oyarzabal ́s book Tchombé. By entering for the Landskrona Dummy Award 2018 you will also be part of a slide show that will be screened during the Photobook days. This means that all applicants will be part of this year ́s Landskrona Foto Festival.

HOW TO ENTER : Enter your unpublished, self-published, digitally published or produced by print-on-demand, e.g. blurb. photobook pdf by submitting a link where we can download it from. Make sure to also upload jpegs images from your book, that we will use for the screening. These images can be pages from your pdf or photographs of a physical copy. You will be asked to provide a download link to a pdf version of your book. Please provide a link to a file host of your choice. The file should be stored and available to download for at least three months. We recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox. Enter here.

Deadline June 15, 2018
Winner Announced: August 1, 2018
Prize Ceremony: September 14, 2018
Any questions? Please contact festival@landskronafoto.org 

The Jury This Year

Elizabeth Avedon (Curator), United States
Jenny Rova (Photographer), Sweden and Switzerland
Gerry Johansson (Photographer), Sweden
Tommaso Parrillo (Publisher), Italy
Tony Kristensson (Gallery Breadfield), Sweden

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September 14 – 23, 2018

The Landskrona Foto Festival 2018 will be ten days of exceptional exhibitions, photo books, seminars, portfolio reviews, artist talks and more! The city of Landskrona, Sweden, founded in 1413, is on the coast of Skåne, between Malmö and Helsingborg, diagonally across the Sound is Copenhagen. A great destination. Don't miss it!

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