Photograph © Oskar Alvarado, from his series Lucernario

Photograph © Oskar Alvarado, from his series Lucernario

A Work In Progress

"This work in progress speaks of people struggling to change their mental reality in order to improve their emotional balance. A reality probably inherited in childhood or adolescence, or forged with the becoming of our existence and in which sometimes we are permanently stagnant without being able to leave it.

After becoming aware of this, the fragmented episodes of one of the hardest personal processes through which we go: change our mental cartography. That map of rituals in the form of thoughts through which we travel, which brings us again and again to self-regulation.

Often we are prisoners of ourselves, we live in anguish, in the permanent sensation of being trapped in invisible blocks. But we are moved by the idea that our limits can be crossed and thus stop dwelling in recurring nightmares that tell us about the need to overcome fears and frustrations.

My interest lies in the visual representation of the inner processes of people. How these manifest in their relationship with themselves and their own environment. In this underlying context of hope, where the greatest triumph is none other than attaining inner calm, this desire for self-improvement will undoubtedly move us to a new space of luminous outline." – Oskar Alvarado

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Photograph by Oskar Alvarado, from his series Insomnia
Helsinki Photo Festival 2018

Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, Oskar Alvarado resides in Barcelona where he combines his personal Photography with his work as a Photography teacher. He holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts from the Basque Country University, where he received a grant to develop the photographic project Conexiones in an artist residence in Arteleku Art Center in San Sebastián. He later moved to Barcelona to study at the International School of Photography GrisArt and received an MA on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media. His work has been selected Internationally for the Voies Off Awards in Arles, France; Addis Foto Fest, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and exhibited work from his series, Insomnia, at the 2018 Helsinki Photo Festival in Finland, among others.  

* All Text Courtesy of Oskar Alvarado Website

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