photo-eye's 2020 FAVORITE PHOTOBOOK LIST : ZAIDO by Yukari Chikura

ZAIDO by Yukari Chikura (Steidl)

After following a succession of personal tragedies, Yukari Chikura photographed the 1,300-year-old Japanese ritual, "Zaido". Walking through the snow, where days can reach a severe -20°C., Chikura’s images are of a strange and mysterious landscape encompassing a range of subtlety between light and illusion.

"Steidl has designed a book that perfectly complements this stunning body of work. Opening from a slipcase to reveal a brilliant peacock-blue linen cover, we are taken on a journey through her photographs, printed on luminous silvery papers. Included is a separate Folk Tale booklet, map and a hand-made fortune by Chikura, wishing each person good health and happiness. Brilliant." – EA
"Before the festival, the noshu(performer) perform a very strict spiritual purification. In some of the longest cases, it is known to have lasted up to 48 days. Cold water ablutions are perfomed in the middle of the night to cleanse the body as a part of this purification. Seems like a very tough thing to do as a young person, doesn't it? On the day this photo was taken, there was a particularly heavy blizzard. The weather was so bad that it was impossible to see well in front of us" – Yukari Chikyra

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