IT'S A DOG'S LIFE: A Call To Enter

Mallow © Stephanie Zimmer

Bruce Wayne © Stephanie Zimmer

A CALL TO ENTER: “It’s A Dog’s Life” 

Elizabeth Avedon, Juror

South x Southeast PhotoGallery

Pure bred, show dogs, mutts, or mongrels, a pampered member of your family, sitting in on all your family portraits, or any dog out in the world captured by your camera…

I’d love to see your best dog photographs!

The Call is Open: March 13, 2022
Deadline for Entries: April 13, 2022
Notifications: April 27, 2022.
Framed Work to the Gallery: May 27, 2022.
Gallery Exhibition and Online: June and July, 2022.
Artist’s Reception to the announced
Info/Enter: www.sxseshop.com

“bark”  “woof”  “arf” 

“Dogs are man’s best friend” said every dog lover!

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