FLASH FORWARD FESTIVAL BOSTON: May 1-4 Celebrating Emerging Photographers

FESTIVAL: Based out of the Fairmont Battery Wharf, the FlashForward Festival offers an in-depth experience through organized networking events and educational programming that brings internationally respected industry professionals together to share their knowledge. Programming includes curated indoor and outdoor exhibitions, galleries throughout Boston, a Harbor-Walk exhibition, lectures, panel discussions, and nightly events. FlashForward Festival

PANEL: The Long & Winding Road
What it Takes to Choose and Sustain a Long-Term Photography Project

Moderator: Stella Kramer, Pulitzer Prize-winning Photo Editor and Creative Strategist. Panel: Edie Bresler, Photographer and Artist;  Michael Sharkey, Portrait Photographer and Filmmaker; and Manjari Sharma, Fine Art Photographer. (Photograph © Manjari Sharma)

From the series Flying Henry by Rachel Hulin
TALK: Imagined Worlds and Personal Narrative with Rachel Hulin

PANEL: Publish Your [Photo] Book: Go Mainstream or Self-Publish

Moderator: Elizabeth Avedon, Independent Curator and Book Designer. Panel: Janette Beckman, Editor, Author and Photographer; Craig Cohen, Executive Publisher of powerHouse Books; and Robert Herman, Fine Art Street Photography and recent Author.

16 Photographs At Ohrdruf: Documentary by Matthew Nash
TALK: How I Learned To Love Accountant and Fight Lawyer

TALK: Innovations in Multi-Platform Visual Storytelling
with Sadie Quarrier, Senior Photo Editor, National Geographic Magazine

Set within the Boston cityscape, the four-day festival is based out of the Fairmont Battery Wharf, offering an in-depth experience through organized networking events and educational programming that brings internationally respected industry professionals together to share their knowledge. Programming includes curated indoor and outdoor exhibitions, galleries throughout Boston, a Harbor-Walk exhibition series featuring work from local galleries, along with lectures, panel discussions, and nightly events.

The Magenta Foundation: Established in 2004, The Magenta Foundation is Canada’s pioneering non-profit arts publishing house. Magenta was created to organize promotional opportunities for artists, in an international context, through circulated exhibitions and publications. Projects mounted by Magenta are supported by credible international media coverage and critical reviews in all mainstream-media formats (radio, television and print). Magenta works with respected individuals and international organizations to help increase recognition for artists while uniting the global photography community.

Through its successful emerging photographers program, Flash Forward, Magenta’s expansion into Boston has allowed the organization to set a standard for community collaboration while developing both a domestic and international presence vital to the success of artists. Magenta’s diversification and growth will continue through engaging programming slated for Pittsburgh and the United Kingdom.
Fairmont Battery Wharf, Boston

Many thanks to MaryAnn Camilleri, Founder of The Magenta Foundation; Director of The Flash Forward Festival and her Team....



Photograph © Mona Kuhn

"I wanted to approach what is truly strange, beautiful and disorienting about the desert. Aside from vast landscapes and intimate nudes, for the first time I also photographed a few desert animals as metaphors. I was intrigued by their mysticism, like desert shamans, they have an instinct of their own. They know well their place and function in that vast space. Like the California pale moths that fly into the light. Or a black widow tattooed on a woman’s hand. I photographed a majestic black condor, then I photographed a Nephila’s golden spider web. Animals seem to understand nature's balance and survive better than humans in the desert." – Mona Kuhn   

Photograph © Mona Kuhn

"I usually start a new series with colors. I knew I wanted a little bit of that golden sand skin tonality. I wanted black as it has a certain sense of mortality. You are constantly testing your endurance in the desert, the limits of how long you can stay out there or how debilitating it is to be at 100 and some degrees. Your system really slows down and you can’t think straight. So the whole series is about our vulnerability in that environment as a metaphor to life."

Two galleries will be previewing Mona Kuhn's upcoming series titled “Private” at AIPAD; Jackson Fine Art and M+B. Steidl is printing the accompanying book in May, to come out in early Fall as part of Paris Photo.

Mona Kuhn: PRIVATE
Jackson Fine Art – Booth #102 and
M+B Gallery – Booth #423
Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue (67th St.) 

Mona Kuhn: Acido Dorado
4 April – 10 May 2014
Flowers Gallery
82 Kings Road
London, England

Lee Friedlander once said: 
“The desert is a wonderful, awful, seductive, alluring stage
 on which to be acting out the photography game.”


AIPAD 2014: Touring With Students

 Monroe Gallery's Sidney Monroe, Booth #421

SVA Photography student, Mo Walbrook, Monroe Gallery

Steven Kasher Gallery, Booth #205

SVA Student, Pelham Goddard, KlompChing Gallery

KlompChing Gallery, Debra Klomp and Darren Ching, Booth #216

Chris McCaw, series Sunburned
Yossi Milo Gallery, Booth #

Photograph by Saul Leiter
Howard Greenberg Gallery, Booth #401

AIPAD Photography Show
through Sunday, April 13, 2014

more later...


UP, CLOSE + PERSONAL: Curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Up, Close + Personal is a group exhibition curated by Ruben Natal-San Miguel based on a photography series of his by the same name. The exhibition aims to explore the relationships of several artists to their close, intimate and very personal with their art creations.From the truly shocking to the most subtlety beautiful approach, Up, Close + Personal highlights the most popular themes of our ongoing contemporary and most current culture.

Participating Artists: Mona Kuhn, David Carol, Alex Prager, Sheri Lynn Behr, Phil Toledano, Amy Elkins, Dawoud Bey, Carolyn Marks Blackwood, Timothy Briner, Luis Carle, Michal Chelbin, Adrian Chesser, Jon Feinstein, Rafael Fuchs, Dana Hoey, Lisa Levy, Jennifer Loeber, Ruben Natal-San Miguel, Eric Ogden, Cara Phillips, Carlo Van der Roer, Ariana Page Russell, Tyler Shields, Bayete Ross Smith, Trey Speegle, Zoe Strauss, Bill Sullivan, Hank Willis Thomas, Betty Tompkins, Michael Wolf.

Up, Close + Personal
April 4 – May 13
56 Bogart St. Studio 1E, Bushwick, Brooklyn


BASEBALL ZEN: Willis Hudlin Pitched Babe Ruth's 500th Homer

My great-uncle, Cleveland Indians Willis Hudlin, 
pitched Babe Ruth's 500th homer

Willis Hudlin, Cleveland Indians 
1935 Diamond Stars Baseball Cards #79

"But what happened on the field was only a small part of that unforgettable day. They stopped the game when they made the announcement that Charles Lindbergh had landed in Paris.''

Willis Hudlin, an outstanding pitcher with the Cleveland Indians in the late 1920's and 1930's and the victim of Babe Ruth's 500th home run, died August 5, 2002 in Little Rock, Ark. He was 96.

A right-hander noted for his sinker, Hudlin yielded Ruth's 500th homer -- and his 30th of the season -- on Aug. 11, 1929, in Cleveland's League Park. Lou Gehrig hit his 27th homer that day, too, but Hudlin was the winning pitcher in a 6-5 complete-game effort.

Long after he retired, Hudlin told of the confusion that came with his connection to Ruth's prowess. ''I can't tell you how many letters I've received through the years asking me what kind of pitcher I was to let Babe Ruth hit 500 home runs off me,'' he told Walter Langford in the Society for American Baseball Research's 1987 Baseball Research Journal. ''Actually, Babe only hit a total of five home runs off me, so I guess that wasn't too bad considering that he hit 714 before he quit.''

Pitching 15 of his 16 major league seasons with the Indians, Hudlin had a record of 158-156. With Wes Ferrell, Mel Harder and later Bob Feller, he was a mainstay of the Cleveland pitching staff in the Depression years and won at least 15 games in five separate seasons. In 2001, he was selected as one of the top 100 players in Indians history when the franchise celebrated its 100th anniversary.

George Willis Hudlin, a native of Wagoner, Okla., was my mother's uncle. He made his major league debut with the Indians in 1926 and remained with them until 1940, when he went to the Washington Senators, then finished the season with the St. Louis Browns and the New York Giants. He was a flight instructor during World War II, then finished his career with the Browns' 1944 pennant winners. All except one of his victories came as an Indian. Hudlin was a pitching coach for the Detroit Tigers in the late 1950's and then a scout for the Yankees.

The game that Hudlin remembered most vividly came in his first full major league season, when his record was 18-12. Hudlin relieved against the Yankees in the first inning at Cleveland on May 21, 1927, with the Indians trailing by three runs. He allowed only one more run, pitching the rest of the way in the Indians' 5-4, 12-inning victory. But what happened on the field was only a small part of that unforgettable day.



Joe With Fish, Baffin Island, 1997
Photograph David J. Carol

 Boy In Lake, Maine
Photograph David J. Carol

Payton and Rachel, Peabody, Ma. 2011
Photograph Paris Visone

Battle of Antietam, Maryland
Photograph Eliot Dudik

The Artist in a Professional World: 
Three Photographers, Three Perspectives

How does one manage to make a living as a photographer and still stay true to their personal vision? The three photographers, all at different stages in their careers and all taking different paths, have one thing in common. They have never forgotten why they became photographers in the first place, to make pictures for themselves. The panel will include Paris Visone, Eliot Dudik and David J. Carol. Each photographer will present their work and talk about how they balance the commercial and personal aspects of their lives and careers. Following the presentations there will be a panel discussion moderated by David J. Carol that will include a Q&A with the audience. Books of the photographers work will be available for purchase.

April 29, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
to reserve your seat here


CRUSADE FOR YOUR ART: The Must-Have Book for Fine Art Photographers

“Jennifer Schwartz is a guardian angel for photographers. Crusade for Your Art is a passionate call to arms for image-makers around the world to get your work out there and in front of people like me. This is how you do it. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.” – Michael Foley, Michael Foley Gallery, New York

  +  +  +

The fine art photography world can feel impenetrable, and without a roadmap, the process of getting your work in front of the right people is daunting. Making the work is just the first part of the equation. Artists need to think strategically about who their target audience is and how to attract them. They need to create a strong, consistent, professional brand through social media and their website. They need to develop a plan and timeline to thoughtfully launch new work that involves strategically reaching out to appropriate galleries, publishers, and online outlets. It sounds like a lot of work. It is.

Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices For Fine Art Photographers helps you navigate the fine art photography world and determine the best course for your work. With insight and instruction on every aspect of the fine art photography world, as well as contributions by over twenty-five top industry curators, gallerists, editors, and photographers, this guide gives you all the tools you need to make your mark on the art world.

  +  +  +

“In Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices For Fine Art Photographers, Jennifer Schwartz has written one of the most comprehensive guides to date for both the professional and emerging fine art photographer to navigate the current world of Photography. With contributions from leading photography museum, gallery and photo directors, the expert advice given is instrumental in creating what every photographer needs to know to navigate the current art market. I absolutely love this guide. It covers all bases! I whole-heartedly recommend this masterful guide to the photographic community.” – Elizabeth Avedon

“Jennifer Schwartz demystifies the steps towards a long and invested career as a photographer. An overdue and necessary resource for us all.” – Brian Ulrich, Photographer 

Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices For Fine Art Photographers is a must-read for anyone who works in the fine art photography realm. Photographers at all stages of their careers and practice will be well-served to read this guide cover-to-cover, and photography collectors and enthusiasts can also learn a lot within these pages that will help them better understand an artist’s business. Jennifer Schwartz answers hundreds of the most common questions and hundreds more that people are probably scared to ask. Who would think to write out a step-by-step guide on how an artist can best use Twitter? Jennifer Schwartz did. The contributing authors offer advice based upon years of experience and countless hours of observation.  Jennifer Schwartz takes the mystery out of the fine art photography world by outlining the business and taking the photographer through the entire process of creating and sharing photographs. As the author says, it’s a lot of work, but this book removes one of the biggest tasks of all — identifying what needs to be done.” – Bevin Bering Dubrowski, Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography; and Editor of Spot Magazine, Houston, TX

Jennifer Schwartz, Executive Director of Crusade for Art, is educating photographers to higher levels of professional development through her new book, Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices For Fine Art Photographers. 100% of the profits from this publication will go to Crusade for Art, a non-profit organization whose mission is to build artists’ capacity to create demand for their work.


LANDON NORDEMAN: Canine Kingdom with Curator Elisabeth Biondi

Handler with dog, Ploiesti, Romania, 2012
Photograph by Landon Nordeman

Borzois, 134th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, 2010
Photograph by Landon Nordeman

Standard Poodle, 128th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, 2004
Photograph by Landon Nordeman

Landon Nordeman’s series, “Canine Kingdom,” takes us inside the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, now running for 138 years. To mark the exhibit’s opening (March 12, 7:30pm) at The Half King in New York, Photography Curator Elisabeth Biondi and Nordeman will screen a slideshow, and talk about the stories and context of Landon’s images.

Landon Nordeman began shooting The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2004. The project is ongoing. In addition to photographing personal projects, Nordeman is a contributing photographer for The New Yorker and Saveur. He shoots for commercial and editorial clients around the world. His photographs have been exhibited at the Howard Greenberg Gallery, NYC; The Houston Center of Photography; The Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing; and are in the collection of The Museum of Fine Arts Houston.

Photography curator, Elisabeth Biondi, has influenced all of us through her powerful career at four of the most influential magazines in the world. Biondi joined The New Yorker Magazine as Visuals Editor in 1996, just a couple of years after photography had first been introduced into the 75-year-old magazine. From her background at Geo, Stern, and Vanity Fair, she brought her masterful eye to The New Yorker, helping to create their award winning use of photography.
I spoke with Elisabeth about working with Nordeman, her career and her little dog, Boris...read my full piece on L'oeil de la Photographie

 Canine Kingdom
Photographs by Landon Nordeman
March 12, 2014 - May 11, 2014
The Half King 505 West 23rd Street NY

Elisabeth Biondi's dog, Boris
Photograph by Matt Leifheit

"I’m definitely a dog person, and always knew that one day, when I did not spend the week in an office, I would have a wire-haired dachshund (Dachshund translates to “badger dog” in German. They were used for hunting badgers in their dens). After I stopped working at The New Yorker, I quickly got little Boris, a wire-haired dachshund, from a kennel in Woodstock. He was one of six born during Wimbledon Week and all the puppies got tennis player's first names. Mine is named after Boris Becker, so of course he had to be mine. He is funny, sweet, and stubborn; loves, children, other dogs and does not have a mean bone in his body." Photography curator, Elisabeth Biondi

Join us. Become a friend of L’Oeil, and give what you can. L’Oeil de la Photographie is yours as well. http://www.loeildelaphotographie.com/en/2014/01/13/we-need-your-support


AMY ARBUS: Vintage Prints at NY Leica Gallery

“On The Street: 1980-1990,” Book Cover
Madonna (St. Marks Place) 
Photograph ©Amy Arbus

Fingernail Extensions
Photograph ©Amy Arbus 

 The Clash
 Photograph ©Amy Arbus

Amy Arbus: On The Street 1980 – 1990
February 28 - April 19, 2014
Leica Gallery, 670 Broadway, New York
 Artist reception February 27 from 6-8pm

"Arbus's style is so casual it feels effortless, and every picture has wit, soul, and graphic snap. Roaming the East and West Village streets, she found and recorded many of the era's most idiosyncratic icons, including....Madonna, whose stained camel-hair coat and scarily prescient bowling bag still look like the very definition of downtown chic. Arbus clearly understands the power of clothes to express personality, so the best of her work is a seamless blend of fashion and portraiture." –Vince Aletti for The Village Voice


TOM P. ASHE: Color Management + Quality Output from Camera to Display to Print

"Working with Color from Camera to Display to Print" 

Color Management + Quality Output (Focal Press)
"Working with Color from Camera to Display to Print"

Photographers - Put this on your book list now!

"We have all felt the frustration of wasting time, paper, and effort when our prints or web images don’t match the images we see on our monitors. Fortunately, you’re holding the resource that will help solve these problems. This book guides you through the hardware settings and software steps you’ll need to post professional images and make stunning prints that showcase your artistic vision. In Color Management & Quality Output, Tom P. Ashe, a color expert and gifted teacher, shows you how to color manage your files from input all the way through output, by clearly explaining how color works in our minds, on our monitors and computers, and through our printers."

Tom’s background as a photographer, fine art digital print-maker, and product development specialist for Eastman Kodak, Monaco Systems, and Polaroid, gives him a unique understanding of the aesthetic and technical issues in digital photography today.

This book is part of The Digital Imaging Masters Series, which features cutting-edge information from the most sought-after and qualified professionals and instructors in the photography field. Based on the progressive curriculum of the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography created by Katrin Eismann at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, these books are the next best thing to being in the classroom with the Digital Photography Masters themselves.

Book Signing with Tom Ashe
February 27, 2014  5:30-7:30
Calumet, 22 West 22, NYC

Tom P. Ashe, the Associate Chair of the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, is an internationally recognized educator and consultant in digital photography and color management. He received his Bachelor of Science in Photography from the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, and his Masters of Applied Science in Photography from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia.

Series Editor, Katrin Eismann, is the Chair of the Masters of Professional Studies in Digital Photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. Known as the Photoshop Diva, Katrin is an internationally respected artist, teacher, and author. She specializes in creative digital photography and the impact of emerging technologies upon professional photographers, artists, and educators.
Also at Calument
Sponsors SVA NYC + Calumet
Text courtesy Focal Press


VETERAN COALITION OF ARTS: "Declassified: En Avant" SVA + Calumet Gallery 3.3.14

 Evidence of Resilience
Photograph © Rebecca Storer
Portraits of United States Veterans
Photograph © Frankie Torres
Photograph © Joel Chapman

 Seeing in Doubles
Photograph © Brandon Hall

The School of Visual Arts Veteran Coalition of Arts presents “Declassified: En Avant," an exhibition of works students have created while studying under the GI Bill at SVA.

The VCA is a collective of veteran-artists whose personal experiences shape their practices. As a community, the VCA strives to provide a supportive environment in order to foster a fluid transition from military service to a life in the arts and to encourage a shared dialogue about the military's influence, the causes and effects of war and the dichotomy of being both a veteran and an artist in a post-9/11 culture.

Military veterans and SVA students Rebecca Storer (BFA Photography) and Kylene Kasch (BFA Illustration) will curate the exhibition with project advisement from Vietnam veteran and BFA Photography faculty member, author and photography collector,  W.M. Hunt.

This years Artists include: Joel Chapman, BFA Photography student, U.S. Marine Corps, two-time Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Brandon Michael Hall, BFA Photography student, U.S. Marine Corps, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Kylene Kasch, BFA Illustration student, U.S. Marine Corps veteran who deployed with her unit to Al Anbar Province, Iraq, in February 2006. Chris Miller, BFA Design student, U.S. Air Force, two-time Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Hector Rene, BFA Photography student, U.S. Army veteran. Michael Schmidt, BFA Photography student, U.S. Coast Guard veteran. Rebecca Storer, BFA Photography student, president of the SVA Veteran Coalition of Artists, U.S. Navy, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Frankie Torres, BFA Photography student, U.S. Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

3 March - 7 March

Artists' Reception Monday, 3 March 2014 at 1730
(That is 5:30pm civilians)

Funding for this exhibition is provided by SVA, VCA, and Calumet. Additional support is always welcomed. Interest in the pre-purchasing of a limited edition show catalogue, or general support should be forwarded to http://www.gofundme.com/DECLASSIFIED

JONATHAN BLAUSTEIN: The Mindless Consumption of Animals

 Cow Farts Cause Global Warming
"The Mindless Consumption of Animals" 
Photographs © Jonathan Blaustein

No One's Hands Are Clean
"The Mindless Consumption of Animals" 
Photographs © Jonathan Blaustein

People Feed This To Their Children
"The Mindless Consumption of Animals"
Photographs © Jonathan Blaustein

“I've lived in cities on both coasts, and have found that the man-made landscape leads people to over-consider the power of humanity.... When you're staring at skyscrapers all day, and traveling via underground train or high speed elevator, it's easy to overestimate our capabilities.”– Jonathan Blaustein

Art for a Silent Planet: Blaustein, Elder, and Long

Become a friend of L’Oeil, and give what you can. Join us. L’Oeil de la Photographie is yours as well. http://www.loeildelaphotographie.com/en/2014/01/13/we-need-your-support


NICHOLAS VREELAND: Travels with a Monk

 Offering a scarf to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Color Portrait by Ven. Nicholas Vreeland
RETURN TO THE ROOF OF THE WORLD, Photo Exhibition, Taipei

Khyongla Rato Rinpoche and Ven. Nicholas Vreeland, Photographer and Abbot of Rato Monastery in Southern India, traveled to Hong Kong and Taipei where Vreeland's exhibition, "RETURN TO THE ROOF OF THE WORLD: A Photographic Exhibition by Nicholas Vreeland," of color portraits and black and white photographs is showing through February 28.

 Nicholas Vreeland Photo Exhibition, Taipei, February 2014

A Photographic Exhibition by Nicholas Vreeland
February 14-28 2014
Huashan 1914 Creative Park
1F, M2, No. 1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

We went to see Master Guo Ru, Dharma Heir of Master Sheng Yen

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SHELBY LEE ADAMS: Appalachian Portraits + Ear Heart Music's Aeolus Quartet Feb 18th

Girls in Onion Patch, 2004 
Photograph © Shelby Lee Adams

Peggy and Albert behind the Aeolus Quartet
Projected Photograph © Shelby Lee Adams

Composer Stephen Snowden wrote a 7 minute piece inspired by the photography of Shelby Lee Adams. The Aeolus Quartet will perform it along with 2 other pieces sequenced to Adams photographs projected behind the musicians. Shelby Lee Adams will be in attendance at this performance and will speak about his work. His new book, salt & truth, will be available for purchase and signing. Don't miss this unique evening!

Ear Heart Music presents
Aeolus Quartet – Appalachian Portraits
featuring the portrait photography of Shelby Lee Adams
February 18, 8:00pm at Roulette

Roulette, 509 Atlantic Ave (at 3rd Ave.) in Brooklyn
 $15 general / $10 members, students, seniors
Close to the Atlantic terminal, 2/3/4/5/A/C/G/D/M/N/R/B/Q + LIRR

Listen to the Aeolus Quartet * here
Inspired by Shelby Lee Adams Portraits