IG LIVE with RUDDY ROYE + TRAVON FREE June 20, 2020 @LeicaCameraUSA

Photograph © Ruddy Roye @ruddyroye

Photograph © Travon Free @afreesframe

"The Importance of Diversity Behind The Lens with Ruddy Roye and Travon Free"

Instagram Live, hosted by @LeicaCameraUSA 
Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 7PM ET  



Photograph left © Ruddy Roye

Voices of Change 
Talk with Documentary Photographer Ruddy Roye
with Leica Panelist's Kiran Karnani and Bea Perkins
Sunday, June 14, 2020. 4-5PM

Jennifer McClure 
Talks Photographing Herself and Her Family 
Wednesday, June 17, 4pm EDT

Photograph © Jennifer McClure

Workshop with Jennifer McClure
Divining the Personal: How to Bring Your Life to Projects
June 24 - Jul 22, 2020

Workshop with KEITH CARTER
June 30 - July 2, 2020. 

Photograph © Craig Semetko

Seeing The Moment with Craig Semetko
Thu, June 18, 2020. 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT
Free Register via Leica Camera
Leica Academy #StayHomeWithLeica

Photograph © Craig Semetko

Workshop with Craig Semetko
July 12th-August 2nd, 2020 – Online
Leica Academy #StayHomeWithLeica


15th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers : Announcement of Results

 © Cheraine Colette – Courtesy Julia Margaret Cameron Award

© Margarita Mavromichalis – Courtesy Julia Margaret Cameron Award

© Margarita Mavromichalis – Courtesy Julia Margaret Cameron Award

 © Dan Nelken – Courtesy Julia Margaret Cameron Award

 © Dan Nelken – Courtesy Julia Margaret Cameron Award

The 15th edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, juried by Elizabeth Avedon and Mona Kuhn, included 6,875 photographs submitted for review from 910 photographers in 63 countries. Starting with this edition, a new section for male photographers only was created: The Feminine Universe.

CHERAINE COLLETTE is the recipient of the 15th JMC Award in the Professional Section.  MARGARITA MAVROMICHALIS is the recipient of the 15th JMC Award in the Non-Professional Section. DAN NELKEN is the recipient of the 15th JMC Award in the Special Section The Feminine Universe.

Many thanks to L'Oeil de la Photographie for posting this announcement. View the names and images of tall he awardees and honorable mentions here:   



CENTER 2020 AWARDS: Sandra Chen Weinstein

 Lee and Me 
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"A blessing and a perfect child. I was surprised when Lee told me only recently. We are always very close and it will always be so. My love for my child is infinite and unconditional." -Sandra (me)

Alejandro and Alexander
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"At 18 years old I was outed. Kicked out of home same day. Didn't talk to my dad for years. Struggled with abandonment. Lived recklessly for a few years. Made it out of the struggle. Found a man that I made my husband. Family came to wedding (progress). Still struggle. but have a therapist. Here I am - GAY. I made it - I am here and still a second class citizen." - Alexander
 Barbara and Jess
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"Barb and Jess are going to get married after a few year of companionship in Bay area."
Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein

"After leaving Sweden, I found my chosen families within the Trans community in America.” 
+  +  +

 CENTER Director's Choice Award 1st Place

"This is a story of relationships but most importantly, love. This collection of intimate portraits and stories of people and their loved ones, families or chosen families, including my own, from diverse LGBTQ community which constantly struggles for equality and acceptance.

My adult child came out as queer, transgender, non-binary and is collaborating with me in writing in this book. This series of 30 family images are displayed with their own quotes and stories about themselves and their loved ones. The work seeks to aid social justice against stereotype and stigma that have long existed."

Check out all CENTER Award Winners: 


SOCIALLY DISTANT PORTRAIT SERIES: #24 Matthew Avedon by Milton Arellano

 Musician Matthew Avedon in his Brooklyn Quarantine
Photograph © Milton Arellano

Matthew Avedon and Charlie, Brooklyn Quarantine
Photograph © Milton Arellano

 Matthew Avedon and Charlie, Brooklyn Quarantine 
 Photograph © Milton Arellano

Matthew Avedon, Brooklyn Quarantine 
 Photograph © Milton Arellano

“Socially Distant Portraits” #24
Q + A With Matthew Avedon, Brooklyn

Photographer Milton Arellano is documenting fellow creatives and artists of NYC during these unfortunate days of the Covid-19 quarantine. #24 in this series is gypsy jazz guitarist and Ford model, Matthew Avedon.

"In the glory days, we'd sometimes go ride skateboards with friends. I heard that Matthew might have modeled a couple of times, but the true passion for @matthewavedon is his technically beautiful guitar playing and composition. Oh, and he loves to karate chop people or do something called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu while wearing a purple belt.  I'm hoping our Q + A brings some connection to us all! Thanks Matt!!" Check out all of Milton Arellano's Socially Distant Artist series on Instagram @miltonarellanophoto. 

Matthew Avedon, Brooklyn Quarantine 
 Photograph © Milton Arellano

Milton Arellano: What have you been working on? 

Matthew Avedon:
I've just been working on my music like always. Practice, practice, practice and more practice. Trying to keep learning, writing etc. I've been freelance my entire adult life so I'm actually very used to setting my own schedule and remaining productive without a set structure. Setting daily small but achievable goals has been the way for me to keep focused and not get overwhelmed. 

Arellano: What (or who) are you finding comfort in? 

Avedon: I've been finding comfort in eating. A lot. I've gotten no comfort from my dog Charlie. He's a grouchy ass old man and is not pleased that I'm home so much in his space. We argue a lot.
Arellano: Describe your hopes for the coming months? 

Avedon: Besides the obvious health stuff, I'm really hoping that New York and the world bounces back from this much quicker and stronger than is being predicted. I want to get back to work and I want all my friends to get back to work, and I'm really hoping that the service industry (which I consider musician's to be part of) is able to get up and running again quickly. Not just for the work but for the personality and spirit of the city. 

Arellano: Your worries or fears? 

Avedon: I'm really worried that won't happen. I'm worried this will drag on through the summer and I'm worried that the country isn't going to find a smarter way to manage this than simply shutting everything down. I'm worried that we may in fact be living in a simulation with a major glitch and that our Galactic Lizard Overlords will shut us down and reboot the entire system rendering all my practicing obsolete. 

Arellano: Any thoughts, advice or intentions for others? 

Avedon: I remain optimistic that Klaatu will see fit to find mercy on our undeserving species and that Space Keanu will give us another chance.

+  +  + 

Milton Arellano is a Brooklyn based photographer, working in the fashion industry for over 15 years, starting out as an assistant to many top fashion photographers in NYC, such as Pamela Hanson, Yelena Yemchuk, Carter Smith, Arthur Elgort, Alexi Lubomirski, and more.

The son of Bolivian immigrants, he’s spent years traveling to his motherland, shooting commercial and personal work, along with pursuing social development projects through skateboarding, which culminated in a huge skatepark build, sponsored by Levi’s and international NGOs.

+  +  + 

Matthew Avedon is a musician who devotes his life to his work. Until the recent quarantine you would find Matt playing his regular Saturday residency at the Club Room at the Soho Grand Hotel, Friday nights at St. Mazie Bar + Supper Club in Williamsburg, an impromptu solo guitar set in his regular Tuesday night Bar Velo gig, Jazz brunch at the Roxy Hotel on Sunday's and somewhere in NYC every other hour.  

Matthew recently teamed up with Ford Models Men's division. Born in the Year of the Dog, never let it be said said Matthew passed up even one can dog on the street without petting it.


PORTRAITS: A. Smith Gallery Exhibition

 Photograph © Ryotaro Horiuchi
Descendant of Samurai #10
Juror's Award

 Photograph © Sandra Chen Weinstein
Juror's Honorable Mention

 Photograph © Paul Kessel
Untitled 8
Juror's Honorable Mention

 Photograph © Cyndy B Waters
Little Shepherd With New Born Lamb
Juror's Honorable Mention

 Photograph © Ron Cooper
Graywolf Diptych

Photograph © Juno Gemes 
James Baldwin, Athenaeum Hotel, London 1975 
Photograph © Michael Johnson

 Photograph © Susan Bryant

A. Smith Gallery. Juror | Elizabeth Avedon. My task: Select 55 images from over 964+ from 154 photographers. From those, select a "juror's award" and 3 "honorable mentions”. Supremely difficult.

The Portraits exhibition at A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, TX will be online due to the current Coronavirus situation. Please take a look at the exhibition. And thank you to everyone who entered. 

The exhibition includes photographers: Geoffrey Agrons, Kelley Ahr, Carlos Alejandro, Vicky Azcoitia, Craig Becker, Ken Beckels, Felice Boucher, Susan Bryant,, Warren Capps, Susan Kaufer Carey,, William Chambers, Cheryl Clegg, Ron Cooper, Francis Crisafio, Karen Crouse, Linsey Davis, Andy Dennis, Felice Douglas, Nicholas Fedak, Juno Gemes, Nadide Goksun, David Hawkins, Elizabeth Herman, Bootsy Holler, Leslie Jean-Bart, Michael Johnson, Susan Rosenberg Jones, Ladka Kurzrock, J K Lavin, Melissa Lynn, Yanninia Marie, Greg Markstrom, Jim McKinniss, Peter Miller, Kate Miller-Wilson, Janet Millstein, Michael Mudd, Dale Niles, Karen Osdieck, Louise Pedno, Arti Pike, Michael Potts, Marcie Rich, Pat Rose, Karin Rosenthal, Nancy Scherl, Elizabeth Siegfried, Yon Sim, Cathy Spence, DorRae Stevens, Karey Walter, Cyndy B. Waters


1st Place Winner Photographer of the Year 2020
Photograph © Monica Denevan

2nd Place Winner 2020
Photograph © Gabriele Galimberti

3rd Place Winner 2020
Photograph © Rebecca Moseman

4th Place Winner 2020
Photograph © Nadia De Lange

5th Place Winner 2020
Photograph © Nicole Cambre

The 5th annual competition attracted an extremely high caliber of photographs from around the world.  A panel of 7 expert jurors including Elizabeth Avedon (Photography book and exhibition designer, independent curator), Laurent Baheux (Photographer, UN Ambassador for the environment and active protector of wildlife), Alex Cammarano (Founder and CEO of Daylighted), Julia Dean (Photographer, Educator, Writer, and Executive Director/ Founder of the Los Angeles Center of Photography LACP), Sandrine Hermand-Grisel (Photographer, Founder & Editor of All About Photo), Ann Jastrab (Executive Director, Center for Photographic Art, Carmel, CA), and Juli Lowe (Director, Catherine Edelman Gallery) selected the 40 winning photographs. 

The majority of this year’s submissions were color photographs and yet 4 of the 5 first place images are B&W. Unlike previous years, it also seems that the jurors were more attracted to beautiful and soothing images rather than violent and unsettling ones. Perhaps a subconscious need has arisen in each one of us to escape the terrible events that are happening in the world right now. It is also worth noting that photography is often perceived as an art form still dominated by men, but this edition proves the contrary! Four out of the top five prizes have been won by women photographers!

The Winner and Photographer of the Year 2020 is Monica Denevan (USA) with her image “Across the River, Burma” from the series “Songs of the River: Portraits from Burma.” 

The second-place winner is Gabriele Galimberti (Italy), the third-place winner is Rebecca Moseman (USA), the fourth-place winner Nadia De Lange (Switzerland) and the fifth-place winner is Nicole Cambre (Belgium).

The top 5 winners will be awarded $10,000. All winners will have their work published/showcased on the websites Lenscratch, Daylighted’s digital traveling exhibition worldwide, All About Photo Winners Gallery, and featured in the printed issue of AAP Magazine “Special Edition All About Photo Awards 2020”. In addition, a selection of entrants of particular merit will be invited to display their portfolio on All About Photo.  
All About Photo Award Partners: Los Angeles Center of Photography, Photo L.A, Center for Photographic Art, Lenscratch, Catherine Edelman Gallery, and Daylighted

Beverly Conley (USA), Anne Berry (USA), Lori Hawkins (USA), Deb Young (USA), Lynzy Billing Philippines), Margaret McCarthy (USA), Jo Ann Chaus (USA), Brooke Shaden (USA), Jennifer Garza-Cuen (USA), Hardijanto Budiman (Indonesia)and Elena Paraskeva (Cyprus) are also amongst the winners.

And incredible work by: Marcel van Balken (Netherlands), Alain Schroeder (Belgium), Rory Doyle (USA), Azim Khan Ronnie (Bangladesh), Tomas Neuwirth (Czech Republic), Trung Pham Huy (Vietnam), Tony Law (Australia), Matthew Portch (Australia), Amos Chapple (New Zealand), Mustafa AbdulHadi (Bahrain), Francisco Diaz (USA),Kosuke Kitajima (Japan), Xiangli Zhang (China), Chin Leong Teo (Japan), Donell Gumiran (United Arab Emirates), Andre Fonseca (USA), Francesco Pace Rizzi (Italy), Peyman Naderi (Iran), Yoni Blau (Israel), Zay Yar Lin (Myanmar), Anuar Patjane (Mexico), Svetlin Yosifov (Bulgaria), Dotan Saguy (USA), Kohei Ueno (Japan) and Go Nakamura (USA).


THE GRIFFIN MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Enter the 26th Annual Juried Members' Exhibition

“Posts” by Brian Kosoff, Winner of the Griffin Award, from the Griffin Museum 25th Annual Juried Exhibition (courtesy of the Griffin Museum of Photography).

“Tapestry #6 (A Pleasure to Give) by Astrid Reischwitz, from the Griffin Museum 25th Annual Juried Exhibition (courtesy of the artist and Gallery Kayafas).

From the Mother series by Jennifer Georgescu, from the Griffin 25th Annual Juried Exhibition (courtesy of the Griffin Museum of Photography).

July 18 – August 30, 2020
Reception July 18, 2020 

Deadline to Enter: April 19, 2020

Programming with Alexa Dilworth and Aline Smithson will take place on July 18, 2020. Awards include a total of $4000 in monetary prizes; 4 exhibitions will be awarded that will take place next June and July 2020.

More information here: griffinmuseum.org/show/26th-annual-juried-members-exhibition/


VISIONS 1020: Curated by Beuford Smith

Visions 1020 Curated by Beuford Smith
March 8 to May 2
Opening Reception: March 8, 3-6PM
Panel Discussion: Saturday, March 28, 3-6PM

Wilmer Jennings Gallery at Kenkeleba House
214 East 2nd Street at Avenue B
New York, NY 10009

Curator Beuford Smith is well known as the Founder of Césaire Photo Agency; a founding member and past president of the Kamoinge Workshop (the pioneering photographic collective of New York based African-American photographers founded in 1963 at the height of the American Civil Rights Movement); cofounder of the Black Photographer's Annual and recipient of the “Culture of Legacy” Focus Award from the Griffin Museum of Photography. 

So many great photographers included. I hope to see you there!!
Kenkeleba House is a non-profit art gallery dedicated to celebrating and presenting the visual aesthetic and cultural legacy of African American artists and other artists of color that have been historically overlooked by the art world establishment and cultural mainstream. Kenkeleba has been at the forefront of positive change in New York City’s East Village for more than 30 years. (212) 674-3939 | kenkeleba@msn.com

Snapshot of Curator Beuford Smith (far right) with photographers Herb Robinson and Leslie Jean-Bart. BTW: Herb Robinson was the co-editor of "Timeless: Photographs by Kamoinge" (Schiffer Publishing). Both photographers work is included in Visions 1020.



Nicolas & Adrien. A World with Two Sons 
 Photographs © Martine Fougeron

Nicolas & Adrien. A World with Two Sons (Steidl, 2020)

"Nicolas & Adrien. A World with Two Sons, published by STEIDL, is a series of intimate portraits of Martine Fougeron's two sons and their friends growing up in New York and France. Both tender and distanced, the book is a visual bildungsroman that delves into the intense present of her sons’ adolescent states of mind before they become independent adults."

Book Signing
March 12th 7-8pm

+  +  +

 “The Rest Between Two Notes” (Unicorn, 2020)

 Image 2020 © Fran Foreman

 The Stranger, 2019 © Fran Foreman

"By integrating her contemporary photography with historical periods and various settings around the world, Fran Forman creates a world of illusion. Upon closer inspection, what appears ordinary suggests an underlying tension and an aura of mystery. Expressed in the diffused colors of twilight and chiaroscuro, her images blur the boundaries between photography, late Renaissance painting, and film noir…." 

“The Rest Between Two Notes”
The Strand Books
March 12, 2020

March 18, 2020 

March 25, 2020

(links in red)
Image: Amanda Smith

JUROR | Elizabeth Avedon 
A Smith Gallery, Johnson City, Texas
Entries due: March 23, 2020. 
Exhibition: May 8 – June 21, 2020.
Image: Amanda Smith



Sara, Oahu, Hawaii 2017 © Ashly Stohl

Charlie's Handprint, Tribecca, New York 2017 © Ashly Stohl

The Days Are Long & The Years Are Short
Photographs by Ashly Stohl • Peanut Press

Photographs by Ashly Stohl
Foreword by Lynn Melnick
Peanut Press Books

"I take pictures of my kids, and if you’ll look closely you’ll also see me in there – my worries and fears, my attempts to correct the problems of my own childhood, my heart and my struggles.

Motherhood isn’t talked about enough in public places. Oh they say it’s the most important job in the world, but it isn’t treated that way, is it? People like it when you talk about the wonderful aspects, like hugs and fireflies in a jar, and of course that stuff makes everyone feel good. Motherhood is wonderful, but it’s also hard, and women only talk about the hard parts conspiratorially over a glass of wine, or late at night on the internet in private groups and instant messages. I want to talk about it in public because I’m tired, and when I’m tired the filter between my brain and my mouth (or keyboard) completely breaks down. Can we just talk about what it’s really like, like out in public? Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable. Actually not sorry.

In parenting circles, people often say, “the days are long and the years are short,” and for me nothing has ever felt so true. When Sara was a colicky newborn, I didn’t think I could survive a single day, and now she’s seventeen and going to college. Where did it go, all that time when the clock moved so slowly? Well some of it is in these pictures – the good, the bad and the ugly. The days I was my best, and the days I was not, and the same for my kids. It’s all there in our memories and in these pictures,  The Days & Years." – Ashly Stohl 

+  +  +
ON DEATH • Kris Graves Projects / Humble Arts
Image: Nebula (A Portrait of Philip), Tim Pearse 2017
My Mothers Ashes © Aline Smithson 2003
Diverting Apprehension © Ellen Jantzen 2013

Text: Roula Seikaly, Jon Feinstein
Design: Kris Graves • Sequence: Tia Weiss
Kris Graves Projects / Humble Arts

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Adrienne Defendi, Aline Smithson, Alvaro Deprit, Azin Seraj, Barbara Diener, Cheryl St. Onge, Christine Collins, Cody Cobb, Constance Thalken, Cook Williams, Daniel Mebarek, David Beazley, Deanne Sokolin, Debmalya Ray Choudhuri, Diana Guerra, Edgar Martins, Elea Jeanne Schmitter, Elena Helfrecht, Ellen Jantzen, Federico Vespignani, Jacob Haupt, Jane Waggoner Deschner, Jason Koxvold, Jed Devine, John-David Richardson, Jose David Valiente, Joshua Dudley Greer, Karla Guerrero, Ken Rosenthal, Kevin Cook, Kurt Simonson, Lauren Forster, Lindley Warren Mickunas, Liza Ambrossio, Lori Waselchuck, Louie Palu, Orestes Gonzalez, Paolo Morales, Paul Jimenez Thulin, Preston Gannoway, Rana Young, Riley Goodman, Sue Palmer Stone, Tabitha Soren, Tim Pearse, Tommy Kha, Tony Chirinos

“Following Humble Arts 2018 online group show On Death, and later show, Loss, Kris Graves invited Jon Feinstein and Roula Seikaly to team up on a followup photography book, On Death. For critics and philosophers, including the late Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, photography itself was a “kind of death,” or as Sontag put it in On Photography, a “memento mori that enables participation in another’s mortality, vulnerability, mutability.” Sure, Sontag and Barthes’ waxed wisdom is decades old, but we continue to see it transcending time and shifting attitudes towards the medium. Building on the two previous online shows, the book looks at contemporary photographic takes on the end of life, not only as it passes, but conceptually and in the metaphors entangled in the practice – how time and life arrest within a frame.” – Kris Graves Projects

+  +  +

 Myth of a Woman / Goðsögn um Konu
 Photographs by Agnieszka Sosnowska
Text by Ingunn Snædal, Kat Kiernan

 Goðsögn um konu / Myth of a Women Photographs by Agnieszka Sosnowska

© Agnieszka Sosnowska

Myth of a Woman / Goðsögn um Konu
Photographs by Agnieszka Sosnowska
Text by Ingunn Snædal, Kat Kiernan

Þjóðminjasafn Íslands, Reykjavík

The Icelandic landscape is beautiful, but brutally unforgiving. There is majesty in the black cliffs and glaciers, but harsh winds and long winters render them dangerous for part of the year . . . a place both alluring and treacherous, Iceland is the perfect metaphor for Agnieszka Sosnowska’s photographs about the dichotomies of womanhood. – Kat Kiernan, Myth of A Woman
The National Museum of Iceland published a selection of photographs by Agnieszka Sosnowska in conjunction with her exhibition, Goðsögn um konu / Myth of a Women. Sosnowska's intention was to interpret the poem, “Móðir mín í kví, kví,” in a series of self-portraits shot in the East fjords of Iceland in many of the same places from where these stories originated. The myth tells of a woman haunted by the voice of her abandoned child and driven to madness. Sosnowska has stated she is unable to bear children and this painful fact had affected her sensibility. In this way she connected with these Icelandic women and their sacrifices; to have the ability of motherhood taken away from you by means out of your control can be consuming. The result is a unique body of work, using a 4X5 view camera to create these mythical images.

The book includes articles by Ingunn Snædal, poet and translator, and text by Kat Kiernan, editor and managing director of Panoptican Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. The project received funding from the Hjálmar R. Bárðarson fund and the Icelandic Museum of Photography, Reykjavík. This 80 page book was designed by Nuno Moreira. The exhibition was curated by Elizabeth Avedon. Purchase 

 +  +  +

Todd Hido : House Hunting
Photographs by Todd Hido
Remastered 2nd Edition
Nazraeli Press

Nazraeli Press announced a newly remastered edition of Todd Hido's iconic and highly sought-after first monograph, House Hunting. To celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of this important book - certainly one of the most influential and oft-cited photography monographs of our time - they have collaborated closely with the artist to achieve a new impression of the highest possible fidelity.

'Todd Hido's large color photographs of suburbia are lonely, forlorn, mysterious... and strangely comforting. Hido photographs the interior rooms of repossessed tract homes, and the outsides of similar houses at night whose habitation is suggested by the glow of a television set or unseen overhead bulb. Seldom does the similar evoke such melancholy. Yet rather than passing judgment on his anonymous subjects, Hido manages to turn the banal into something beautiful, imbuing his prints of interiors with soft pastels, and allowing the exteriors to glow in the cool evening air.’ – Nazraeli Press

 +  +  +

 Peuple de la Nuit
Photographs by Ibrahima Sanlé Sory (Stanley/Barker)
Les jeunes danseurs de Sikasso Sira, 1972
‘This was shot in a popular Bobo-Dioulasso neighbourhood called Sikasso Sira, where many Malian people lived. I would imagine this was a young Malian couple dating and preparing for a dance. I would often go to that place as this white wall was a perfect scene for me to shoot dancers and lovers’ 

Les deux amoureux de Dogona, 1972 
‘Dogona was a suburb outside of Bobo with leafy trees where lovers could meet up in the dark, but I think those teenagers wanted to show off their relationship’

Les Trois Cowboys de la Brousse, 1971
Ibrahima Sanlé Sory recalls: ‘These three guys were from a village around the Kou river valley, perhaps Faramana. They dressed up like the cowboys they’d seen in the movies – and some of them did indeed ride horses in order to tend their cattle.’

Peuple de la Nuit
Photographs by Ibrahima Sanlé Sory
Stanley / Barker

‘Life was cheap and everyone could have a ball. You could always go out and have some fun.’ 
- Sanlé Sory

Peuple de la Nuit is a tribute to the people who posed with cheery abandon, for the lens of Sanlé Sory from 1960-83. While Sory spent days at his Volta Photo studio in southern Burkina Faso, his nights were spent capturing a flourishing music scene, youth culture, dance parties, weddings and portraits of his home city. When he wasn’t out looking for customers at venues such as Volta Dancing, Calebasse d’Or, Normandie or Dafra Bar, Sory would set off towards the remote villages along the Kou Valley, north West of Bobo, in his Volta Photo 2CV van, with a few lights and a homemade sound system, to set up his own Bals Poussière (dustball parties). The parties lasted until well after the sunrise, at which point the farmers and herders would head straight back to tend their fields and cattle. – Stanley/Barker

 +  +  +

By 编号223 / LinZhipeng (aka No.223)
published by T&M Projects

"In his photography, Beijing photographer LinZhipeng (aka No. 223) carves out a portrait of an alternative young Chinese generation which enjoys life with all its might, playful, arrogant, and empathetic. The photobook “Flowers and Fruits” presents a series by Zhipeng which focuses on the titular motifs of youth, beauty, energy and transience. In colorful, vibrant images, he draws comparisons between bodies and fruit, sexuality and flowers, youth and bloom." Artist @finger223 / T&M Projects @tandmprojects  / Designed by Satoshi Suzuki  @zuduki Purchase or Inquire

 +  +  +


 © Michael Lundgren

Geomancy • Michael Lundgren
Photographs by Michael Lundgren
Stanley / Barker 

“This is not a climate peril book, but it is a natural peril book,” says Lundgren. "Michael Lundgren's darkly beautiful photographs, motivated by a perceived lack of connection between humans and nature, give the viewer a window into a mystical world where time itself seems to collapse." Oversized OTA Softback, designed by le Entente

+  +  +

 The Khudi family is one of 12,000 Nenets still migrating the same routes as their ancestors have done for centuries.

New Path : A Window on Nenets Life
Photographs by Alegra Ally
Schilt Publishing

Documentary photographer and anthropologist Alegra Ally traveled to the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia to study and document the Nenets way of life. For thousands of years, indigenous Nenets have lived nomadic lifestyles herding reindeer across the Yamal Peninsula in the Russian Arctic.
“New Path” follows the Khudi family, one of 12,000 Nenets of northern arctic Russia still migrating along the same routes as their ancestors did for centuries. Lena is nine-months pregnant and the journey takes a dramatic turn as she prepares to give birth while the family needs to continue their annual winter migration in order to ensure the future of their herd of 800 reindeer.

“New Path” opens a window onto Nenets life today, highlighting the adjustments they have made to modern life, and the challenges they now face in the light of expanding resource extraction in the Arctic, globalization, and climate change – Schilt Publishing

+  +  +

 Through Positive Eyes Aperture
 Through Positive Eyes

Through Positive Eyes is a collaborative photo-storytelling project by 130 people living with HIV and AIDS around the world.

Through Positive Eyes
Edited by David Gere and Gideon Mendel
Foreword by Richard Gere
Published by Aperture

Through Positive Eyes is a collaborative photo-storytelling project by 130 people living with HIV and AIDS around the world. All have participated in workshops led by South African photographer Gideon Mendel, with photo educator Crispin Hughes, and David Gere, director of the Art & Global Health Center at the University of California--Los Angeles (UCLA). 

The Project chronicles a very particular moment in the epidemic, when effective treatment is available to some, not all, and when the enduring stigma associated with HIV and AIDS has become entrenched, a major roadblock to both prevention and treatment. The participants in the project have volunteered to tell their stories, in words and in photographs, empowering themselves in order to banish stigma.Aperture

+  +  +


Circling The Mountain; folded, bound by hand, in a slipcase

 August Eriksson, Galleri Axel, Stockholm

Circling The Mountain; folded, bound by hand, in a slipcase

Circling the Mountain
Photographs, Text and Design by August Eriksson

An edition of 300 signed and numbered, folded and bound by hand, in a slipcase

Shortlisted for Nordic Dummy Award:

A monk walks around Mount Hiei night after night to empty his consciousness and transform into a living Buddha. By the end, he has walked a distance equivalent to the circumference of the Earth. August Eriksson went there to walk around the same mountain and find the wandering monk. Eriksson is interested in how perception is related to movement and the possibility of finding the meaning of life through something as seemingly futile as going round in circles. Purchase  

+  +  +

TREASURES: Objects I've Known All My Life
Photographs and Design by Bootsy Holler
BearHeart Publishing

The photographs printed on postcards in Treasures are of simple objects from Holler’s mother’s home. “My mother has always been very particular about how she likes her things - every item has its place, every task has its way of being done. Inevitably, these things and this way have become part of my life as well.” Holler is a contemporary photographer strongly influenced by stories of family, history and place. Purchase

+  +  +

Somewhere Between: 
Toward the Middle Space Between Images and Words
Photographs and Poetry: Jonas Yip and Wai-lim Yip
National Taiwan University Press

Two artists, father and son, engaging in a cross-cultural, multi-generational dialogue with rhythmic, vital energy, tracing for the reader an odyssey of cultural and living complexes, explore the push-and-pull interactions between poetry's linguistic signs (seething images in the heart/mind) and photography's visual signs. We experience in this gap what American poet Ezra Pound called the “inter-recognition” between arts, “where paintings or sculptures seem, as it were, “just coming over to speech.”

Published by National Taiwan University Press, this fully bilingual book, presented in English and Chinese, collects all the photograph/poetry collaborations to date between Jonas Yip and noted scholar and poet Wai-lim Yip. This volume includes the series Paris: Dialogue, re:place, and Somewhere Between, along with the poetry inspired and written in response to those photographs. Also included are an introduction by Leo Ou-fan Lee, as well as a new essay tying it all together, by Wai-lim Yip.

+  +  +