BILL NARUM: Austin Artist Remembered

Photograph (c) Bill Narum /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Bill Narum /All Rights Reserved

Album Cover Design by Bill Narum

Photograph (c) Bill Narum /All Rights Reserved

Bill Narum... Man of many talents as a gifted artist, designer and persistent protagonist on many fronts. As the designer and creator of each and every early ZZ TOP cover, his hand forged the perception of the artist essence of ZZ TOP... Cactus, desert sand, rattlesnakes and javalenas, jalapenos, hot sauce and hot bluesrock imagery from way deep down in Texas. Scribble on, Bro Bill. You were the best! –Billy Gibbons

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BILL NARUM, one of Texas' most famous artists, also Art Directed posters, album covers, stage sets, logo's and corporate branding for musicians Z.Z.Top, The Allman Brothers, Santana, Taj Mahal, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Johnnie Winter and many others for over 40 years. Narum died Wednesday, November 18, in his art studio.

An important figure in Houston's counterculture in the late 1960's and 70's, Narum co-founded Houston FM rock station KLOL and worked as an illustrator for an underground newspaper. He went on to become Texas Band ZZ Top's graphic artist, moving from Posters and Album Covers Tejas, Tres Hombres, La Grange, Fandango to epic murals for the band's fleet of semis and the famous cactus-and-cattle-skull stage design for the trio's legendary 1975-76 "Worldwide Texas" tour." Bill will also be remembered for his recent exhibition "You Call That Art?"


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A great designer for the 70´s rocks bands!


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