FLAK PHOTO WEEKEND SERIES TODAY: Conversation With Richard Barnes

Flak Photo | Photography Online | Weekend Series:

"Flak Photo's December Weekend series featured work from Richard Barnes' ANIMAL LOGIC. As part of the project, book designer Elizabeth Avedon Interviewed Barnes in her blog."

"I love the Interview with Richard Barnes...it really broadens an appreciation for the work and gives a real sense about its significance for the artist himself."– Photographer Lisa M. Robinson

And if you missed it:
An Interview With Richard Barnes


Dallas Arts Salon said...

Elizabeth, what a wonderful interview and thank you for introducing me to Richard Barnes and his amazing work. My husband was also enthralled by your interview and Richard Barnes work. Ordered his book and it is on its way. Also, can't tell you how much I love your blog. All the best!

Dallas Arts Salon said...

Forgot to mention that I shared this on my Facebook Dallas Arts Salon Fan Page http://www.facebook.com/DallasArts and via Twitter.

azzurra said...

are Azure
thanks for your visit!
I reciprocated with joy!
your photos are beautiful!
Congratulations and good 2010