MONICA DENEVAN: River Anthology

Across The River, Burma 2004
Photograph (c) Monica Denevan /All Rights Reserved

Quiet Water, Burma 2005
Photograph (c) Monica Denevan /All Rights Reserved

Jordan's Hands, Burma 2004
Photograph (c) Monica Denevan /All Rights Reserved


JL Cancio said...

Across The River its a great picture!

Susan said...

Beautiful! Have added a link to your blog x

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

This chick is just plum blown off the hay wagon from these. Beautiful black and whites, they took my breath away! Will somebody please call 911? Heeeheehe!

Ya'll have a terrific day and may God bless. :o)

felinnoir said...

Deuxième: Superbe!


Thank you for let me see these beautiful images, I have been in the authors site and was really impressed by her work.
As a photographer people and Far East locals do interest me very much,

Caio Fern said...

Monica Denevan got a so special quality of light ... the way she allows it be reflected by the objects .
it is almost touchble .


incredibly beautiful images - b/w has always been a favorite of mine - these are so exciting - it's been a while since i've been over and have missed the wonderful images here - thanks so much for sharing!

Than Tun Aung said...

Having a very personal relationship with Burma as it's people is the only way to capture images of this magnitude even the current day masters like
Frankie Tun Tin would agree her work transmits the essence and atmosphere that most other western photographers don't touch.

It captivated me.

Than Tun Aung

Aline said...

Monica's work is so wonderful, it transports the viewer on so many levels!

Kenna Elizabeth said...

Awe-strikingly beautiful composition & contrast.

DEZMOND said...

lovely pictures, very sensual!

Pepe Broch said...

Ha sido, para mí, un espectáculo observar estas imágenes; sobre todo la portada del libro.