Untitled, acrylic on canvas
Painting (c) Caio Fernandes /All Rights Reserved

Bianca Conducting Souls, 2009 series
Copyright (c) Caio Fernandes
/All Rights Reserved

Untitled, acrylic on canvas
Painting (c) Caio Fernandes /All Rights Reserved

Untitled, acrylic on canvas
Painting (c) Caio Fernandes
/All Rights Reserved

Bianca Conducting Souls, 2009 series
Copyright (c) (c) Caio Fernandes /All Rights Reserved

Bianca Conducting Souls, 2009 series
Copyright (c) Caio Fernandes /All Rights Reserved

When I was 13, the year I fell in love with photography, I also discovered North American realism in painting, literature and photography. Here in São Paulo, we are sons and grandsons of Europeans that came here after the wars. The European sensibility and aesthetics are still very strong among us. I was taught all the "isms" of the 20th Century that came from the old continent, along with the most popular work from the USA, such as Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art...but after "In The American West", I saw that art could be very mature, even sober, without losing the power of expression. Today it sounds obvious, but at the time it really blew my mind.

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CAIO FERNANDES, born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1975, studied Psychology, Art and Photography at both the University of São Paulo and at Brazil's most prestigious school for Art and Architecture, the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP). Studying under artists Evandro Carlos Jardim, Claudo Mubarack and Elisa Bracher, he worked as studio assistant to Ms. Bracher for a short period preparing exhibits for Germany and Rio de Janiero.

Fernandes' work is sometimes described as Realist, "though the sheer intensity of his work sets him apart from most contemporary Realist painters. With a highly individualistic style of painting, Caio reveals the raw physical characteristics and inner tensions of his subjects. A strong interest in Kardecist Spiritism, which proposes an intricate set of perspectives of the "self", is apparent in his self-portraits. Though Caio affirms that a self-portrait can only be considered as a visual reflection of himself, "There is no conceptual speech behind it," he believes strongly that the only important thing is the painting itself."



Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

very interesting work.

L.Holm said...

I've been a fan of Caio's work since stumbling on Mein Welt last year. The power and honesty of his images pulled me right in. His fearless explorations keep me returning. This is a wonderful profile. Thanks for shedding more light on a wonderful artist.

Anonymous said...

Great post and a lovely insight to Caio. I enjoyed reading this very much indeed.

Inés González said...

muchas gracias Liz por seguir mi blog; muy bueno el tuyo!!!!!!!!!!
Un saludo cordial desde Madrid

Virginia Estes said...

Expressive, individualistic, ever-changing, beautiful, unexpected all come to mind looking at these expert paintings. It's very intense. I'll look into his other sites.

Anonymous said...

I use to follow Caio's work since he decided to make an improving change in his life and open a blog about hiself and his work, specialy.Allways have the chance to discover new things there,never was the feeling of loosing time, and most of times, i couldnt even leave a comment on his paintings.Just becouse his honest and his tallent makes u realise in fact, that life, as Caio see it, can bring u all that u need to move on.Its like a breath, a mistery, a huge honour of feeling human, hope and optimism, dramatism and realism.
Great post!
I thank u , in the name of all the Caio's fans.
Anca Scutariu

Eva said...

Very powerful work. Thank you for sharing it!

simoart said...

Great blog and I am new to Caio's work. It is fascinating his work. Thanks for visiting my blog. Gracias

Jasmine said...

A great article. You have managed to take Caio's work and present in a way all of your own that adds to the art experience. I love the irregular pattern of the printed rolls, and the picture of the girl holding Caio's portrait in front of her is brilliant. I have not seen that before.

*maren* said...

I am happy to see Caios work here... i know the pictures from "mein welt" and i love his expression so much... thanks for sharing!
lots of greetings from germany, maren

Unknown said...

Caio is a great painter, I think, I like his kind of impression, to show his feelings it s a lot energy inside of them, it s very exiting and sometimes prov0ke so art ist fantastic to see and feel it.
Kathrin (Bremen)

Laura said...

very interesting work...a bit haunting.

Dallas Arts Salon said...

This work is wonderful. Thank you.

nouvelles couleurs - vienna atelier said...

Caio is simply great!

RUDHI Rüscher said...

Interesting, to read more about CAIO!

Anonymous said...

I to am a follower of Caio, I find he is special and unique. Honest, and full of love for all and talented.

His art is very personal and one can tell whateve he paints is from the heart it is all about the painting.

This work of yours is wonderful. Great write up on Caio,. Continued success to you and Caio

Anonymous said...

Caio is a unique artist who has an incredible imagination.


Momo Luna S!gnals said...

I stumbled upon his blog a while ago and keep returning. Becuase his art is moving, intense and pulls a lot of hidden strings. Great to see him here and read some more about him. He's one of a kind, a great artist.

Sweet greetz from a Caio fan.

Caio Fern said...

Thank you very much Elizabeth .
And thank you every single one that have enjoyed this post !

Unknown said...

Lovely to hear more about Caio! His way of thinking like "...the only important thing is the painting itself" keeps me following his journey.