BRYAN MELTZ: Rural Haiti March 2010

Los Palis, Haiti. March 26, 2010
Photograph © Bryan Meltz
/ All rights reserved

A 2 year old is brought into the Los Palis Health Clinic by her grandmother for severe malnutrition. The girl's parents abandoned their daughter and the grandmother is too poor to provide for the child. Photograph © Bryan Meltz/ All rights reserved

Outside Port au Prince, Haiti
Photograph © Bryan Meltz
/ All rights reserved

Los Palmas, Haiti
Photograph © Bryan Meltz
/ All rights reserved

"This is the first series of a new project documenting the ongoing public health crisis following the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti that killed more than 230,000 people, left 1 million homeless, and sent 600,000 to the rural countryside.

On March 20, 2010, I traveled to Central Haiti with a group of doctors and medical professionals from the Haiti Humanitarian Fund who have been working in the region for over a decade, and documented the challenges facing this vast and chronically poor region where centuries of deforestation have left only 2 percent of it's original cover, making it almost impossible for farmers to grow enough food to feed their families.

In May I will be working with Dr. Bob Paeglow in Port au Prince and in June with Dr. Alewe Oladele of The Andrew Young GIANT Global Initiative in Grand Goave."–
Photographer Bryan Meltz


Lisa Meltz said...

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing these photos, particularly the more graphic ones. Bryan is my sister and of all the photographs she has taken in Uganda and throughout the U.S., I became so emotional looking through these. As a mother of two, I felt so vulnerable looking at the faces of the children. I hope these photos motivate everyone to continue to help Haiti.

Tash said...

And they are just next door to the riches country in the world. I hope this is a rude awakening for us all. Thx.


incredible photos...good job

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow. Sobering images. Thanks for keeping us aware of the reality of the situation in Haiti.

Leta Warner said...

Thank you for posting these photographs. With just two clicks, it's possible to help support the incredible Dr Bob Paeglow that Bryan Meltz will be working with in Haiti.

Dr O said...

Bryan Meltz's work is extraordinary !
She is a gifted photographer, but beyond her natural technical skills are the very important subjects she brings our attentions to.

Keep up the good work.