Two Girls, Photograph © Anna Fox/ All rights reserved

Anna Fox was one of the four photographers shortlisted for the prestigious Deutsche Borse 2010 Photography Prize. Her work is included in the 2010 catalog published by The Photographers Gallery and sold in their Bookshop.

PX 100 Silver Shade
The Photographers Gallery Bookshop: A new type of black and white instant film for all SX-70 format Polaroid cameras is available in the Bookshop. Although it is a monochrome film, the results are often sepia toned and can even be pale or orange tinted depending on exposure and temperature. It can be manipulated for a range of artistic effects.

The Photographers Gallery Bookshop: the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize catalog's. The 2010 catalog introduces the work of the four shortlisted photographers nominated for the 2010 Photography Prize: Anna Fox, Zoe Leonard, Sophie Ristelhueber (awarded the 2010 Prize) and Donovan Wylie.

"In early 2008 Polaroid ceased production of its instant film. The Impossible Project is a group of enthusiasts and former employees who, in October 2008, took over Polaroid’s factory in Enschede in The Netherlands. Their aim is to keep analogue instant photography alive by producing brand new types of instant films compatible with the original Polaroid cameras. After seventeen months of research and development, The Impossible Project announced that it had succeeded in its task of reproducing a new analogue instant film for traditional Polaroid cameras, saving millions of perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras from becoming obsolete. The launch of the new film by The Impossible Project means that the future of analogue instant photography, an extremely popular medium, is now secure. The first of The Impossible Project’s brand new instant films is available exclusively in the UK from The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop."

The best photography bookshop in Europe –The Times

The Photographers' Gallery Bookshop is holding a launch event for the new Impossible Project films on Saturday 24 April. Customers will be able to test the films and will also receive 10% off of all Impossible Project and Polaroid products and a free Polaroid bag with purchases.

PX 100 Silver Shade a black and white film for all SX-70 format Polaroid cameras. This is a completely new type of instant film with a number of unusual characteristics. Although it is a monochrome film the results are often sepia toned and can even be pale or orange tinted depending on exposure and temperature. It can also be manipulated for a range of artistic effects.

PX600 Silver Shade for Polaroid 600 format cameras will be available soon to be followed by color 100 and 600 film and color and monochrome film for 1200/Image/Spectra cameras. The Photographers’ Gallery Bookshop will be stocking all of these films along with a range of original Polaroid cameras and films.
Through May 2
The Deutsche Börse 2010 Photography Prize Exhibition
The Photographers' Gallery, London


Susan said...

I've seen this exhibition and would recommend a visit to anyone able to get to London!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am hoping this exciting exhibit will come somewhere close to Ohio. This is so exciting. Have a great weekend and Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

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