ROB HANN: The Child Is Gone

Photograph (c) Rob Hann /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Rob Hann /All Rights Reserved

Artwork by Seta Morton

Photograph (c) Rob Hann /All Rights Reserved

Over the past 4 years I've made numerous visits to my girlfriend Nora's (artist Nora Chavooshian) home in the affluent and liberal town of Montclair, New Jersey, about 30 minutes from New York City. I thought about shooting a photographic portrait project with Nora's daughter, Seta, as she passed from childhood to adulthood. I wanted it to be a collaboration and suggested Seta contribute her poetry and artwork to the project.

I spent a year photographing 16 year old Seta and her friends. The result is an extended portrait of Seta, part portrait, part self-portrait. The title of the book, "The Child Gone", is taken from one of Seta's poems. –Rob Hann

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Caio Fern said...

what a wonderful project