JON RAFMAN: 9-Eyes of Google Street View

Google Street View
Nacozari De Garcia – Montezuma, Sonora, Mexico 2011

Google Street View
3081 Valmont Road, Boulder, Colorado, United States, 2012

Google Street View

Jon Rafman (b. 1981) "is a Montreal-based artist, filmmaker and essayist. Mixing irony, humor and melancholy, Rafman’s work explores the paradoxes of modernity. 9-Eyes of Google Street View consists of selected images taken by the cameras atop the Google Street View vehicles that document the world’s roadways in a constant mission to organize the world’s information. While Street View's only goal is to capture the planet, mediated and easy for a viewer to peruse, Rafman’s intervention is one of an Internet curator. He searches through the vast records of fleeting moments, holding up a planet size mirror to ourselves, nature and our constructed world."–M+B Gallery

M + B
19 May - 23 Jun 2012
Los Angeles


R Montalban said...

Love the first and second images particularly.

Olli said...


long time no see. :-)
Again very nice pohtos.
Well, ehm is this a FREE tiger on the picture in front of the building?


PJ said...

I've looked through the website and the photos are endlessly fascinating. They've been through my neighborhood twice, the first time they caught someone doing something no one should have to see. Who knew?

Obat Perangsang Wanita said...

view is simply stunning once