Photographer Laurie Lambrecht in front of her latest photographs Paint (#4), 2010 and Paint (#5), 2010 (left) and Roy Lichtenstein series (right), at Rick Wester Fine Art

Photographers Laurie Lambrecht and Magdalena Solé

I'm just catching up after a short break from these pages. In early May, Magdalena Solé and I visited Pulse New York, an annual contemporary Art Fair. Photographer Laurie Lambrecht showed us her latest work Paint, portraits of artist Eric Fischl's oil palettes at Rick Wester Fine Art.

Also showing, Joni Sternbach (l); Garry Winogrand (c); Richard Avedon, William S. Burroughs (r), at Rick Wester Fine Art.

SurfLand, Revisited 2006-2011
Rick Wester Fine Art

May 17 - June 23, 2012

Magdalena Solé's New Delta Rising on Photo-eye.com.
Buy a vintage copy of An Interview with Eric Fischl
Photos (c) Elizabeth Avedon. All rights reserved

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PJ said...

Love the Burroughs portrait.