MARILYN MONROE: Photographed by Lawrence Schiller at Steven Kasher

Marilyn By Lawrence Schiller on La Lettre (click here). Photographs by Lawrence Schiller, © Polaris Communications, Inc., All Rights Reserved, Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

"Lawrence Schiller's Exhibition of over fifty iconic images of Marilyn Monroe—many of which have been newly discovered in his archives, opened at Steven Kasher Gallery in New York last week, his first solo show in the U.S. Schiller met Monroe when he was just a 23 year old photojournalist. He describes meeting Marilyn for the first time, "I was scared shitless. I‘d never photographed somebody who had been photographed by every photographer in the world. I learned very quickly that Marilyn knew more about photography than I did...She could look anyway she wanted." These exclusive photographs of Monroe show her as "self-aware, in control of her image, yet fragile and vulnerable, and uniquely touching." La Lettre de la Photographie


PJ said...
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MARILYN BEUTIFUL FOR EVER...AND EVER.....her memory is very present today ith these beautiful photos!