SUSAN MAY TELL: André Kertész

André Kertész, with camera, chez lui, 1983
Photograph © Susan May Tell 

Susan May Tell's iconic portrait of André Kertész is included in an Exhibition of his photographs, "Converging Journeys in the Modernist Age," at Madelyn Jordon Fine Art. Andre selected this portrait, taken during one of Susan's visits, for the frontispiece of his 1985 autobiography, Kertész on Kertész. It was also used in The New York Times for his obituary. The current exhibition also includes paintings by Kertész's friend and fellow Hungarian, Theodore Fried.

Nov 12 - Dec 28, 2013
Madelyn Jordon Fine Art
37 Popham Road, Scarsdale, NY

including her essay"Looking at Appalachia"

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Susan May Tell said...

Thank you Elizabeth! André Kertész remains a very special inspiration of the joy of looking at wonderful photographs!!