VETERAN COALITION OF ARTS: "Declassified: En Avant" SVA + Calumet Gallery 3.3.14

 Evidence of Resilience
Photograph © Rebecca Storer
Portraits of United States Veterans
Photograph © Frankie Torres
Photograph © Joel Chapman

 Seeing in Doubles
Photograph © Brandon Hall

The School of Visual Arts Veteran Coalition of Arts presents “Declassified: En Avant," an exhibition of works students have created while studying under the GI Bill at SVA.

The VCA is a collective of veteran-artists whose personal experiences shape their practices. As a community, the VCA strives to provide a supportive environment in order to foster a fluid transition from military service to a life in the arts and to encourage a shared dialogue about the military's influence, the causes and effects of war and the dichotomy of being both a veteran and an artist in a post-9/11 culture.

Military veterans and SVA students Rebecca Storer (BFA Photography) and Kylene Kasch (BFA Illustration) will curate the exhibition with project advisement from Vietnam veteran and BFA Photography faculty member, author and photography collector,  W.M. Hunt.

This years Artists include: Joel Chapman, BFA Photography student, U.S. Marine Corps, two-time Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Brandon Michael Hall, BFA Photography student, U.S. Marine Corps, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Kylene Kasch, BFA Illustration student, U.S. Marine Corps veteran who deployed with her unit to Al Anbar Province, Iraq, in February 2006. Chris Miller, BFA Design student, U.S. Air Force, two-time Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Hector Rene, BFA Photography student, U.S. Army veteran. Michael Schmidt, BFA Photography student, U.S. Coast Guard veteran. Rebecca Storer, BFA Photography student, president of the SVA Veteran Coalition of Artists, U.S. Navy, Operation Enduring Freedom veteran. Frankie Torres, BFA Photography student, U.S. Marine Corps, Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.

3 March - 7 March

Artists' Reception Monday, 3 March 2014 at 1730
(That is 5:30pm civilians)

Funding for this exhibition is provided by SVA, VCA, and Calumet. Additional support is always welcomed. Interest in the pre-purchasing of a limited edition show catalogue, or general support should be forwarded to http://www.gofundme.com/DECLASSIFIED

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