RADCLIFFE 'RUDDY' ROYE: Instagram Activist

January 10, 2014 Gabriel -- self proclaimed son of David.
Photograph © Ruddy Roye Instagram.com/ruddyroye

December 31, 2013 The Designer (Unfinished and Unedited) I believe by design I am a designer. Shiny as a petal that was stained from last mornings early rain: Polluted water, skipping on second hand smoke to fill the banks of the raging rivers, rising again like streaming steam, steeped in soilings, to fall again like a Congolese Sapeur on flavoured flowers. I am by design, a designer. Grounded as any root pushing pass dirt and the contaminated loot we pretend to be fodder We call it organic, stringing, and slinging, profane pharmaceuticals into the earth to fertilize our minds I am by design, a designer. Made by man reaching to be higher, but being developed by our local sponsors Acting like we are better than the four legged creatures we carry in our DNA like that man Adam or was it Noah? Watching the world from our hand as we click away blindly with our index finger, Our gaze firmly pointed at the other. Instagram.com/ruddyroye

November 19, 2013 Extract from The Four Seasons (Unfinished, Unedited) Fall And he carried a broken black bag, with his needs and things. A bag that carried no food or clothes, But was filled with his dreams and pills. It is his whole-- Filled with all his earthly possession. Clutching tight it's twisted secrets He uses it to deflect life's cruel weapons. It's is a traveled bag, A carried bag Through centuries and Cross terrains It has been a beaten bag A mistreated bag left to hang in the harsh sun and the pouring rain. I watched him, face blackened, hidden by frustration, he is Everyman invisible and worn. Slowly, I watch him run from the sun and straight into the shadow and pleats of his broken black bag. Instagram.com/ruddyroye

January 29, 2014 "Another Year" -- Happy Birthday, Mom. Every year time sifts each atom that magically shapes her cheeks. It bunches up her brows And tries to redraw the smile etched across her two molded peaks used to pull the universe in. It pulls her eyes forward and forces her to weep Changed in a blink, stopped with a click. She was someone's moon, The waning pregnant shape now wrinkled and barren Was what I first howled at. I wore my first crown sliding down her future while she laid on her back. These days I bemoan time spent chasing a liquid dream hugging this brittle basket of American pies and picket fences watching my dough slip through unraveling seams. I am missing all her seasons. She sits for my camera singing, about a day to come when she will again see her beginning. So I steal a page, and her cheeks flick forward to mimic the click of another year. Straining itself through the magical sift of atoms I see her age peeling away with the tears That drip in this basket called distance and absence drying up to flake away like her life captured in a stare. Instagram.com/ruddyroye

December 27, 2013 Cyclops -- Walking with my eight year old today and talking pictures. He was trying to convince me that he knew what ingredients should be in a good picture. It was a fantastic couple of miles worth of conversation. Instagram.com/ruddyroye

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Radcliffe 'Ruddy' Roye is a Brooklyn based documentary photographer specializing in editorial and environmental portraits and photo-journalism photography. "Radcliffe is inspired by the raw and gritty lives of grassroots people, especially those of his homeland of Jamaica. He strives to tell the stories of their victories and ills by bringing their voices to matte fiber paper." With over 64,000 Instagram followers, Roye has redefined the art of communicating through images and words.

The photographs on this website are a Must-See!

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SVA, 136 West 21st Street, room 418F, NYC
i3: Images, Ideas, Inspiration Lecture Series
presented by MPS Digital Photography 

Photograph © Ruddy Roye
As seen in "The Street Types of New York"exhibition
co-curated by Paul Moakley and Anthony LaSala
Alice Austen House Museum, 2013

Photograph © Ruddy Roye
As seen in "The Street Types of New York"exhibition
co-curated by Paul Moakley and Anthony LaSala
Alice Austen House Museum, 2013 

I first saw Roye's portraits in an exhibition last summer curated by Time Magazine Deputy Photo Editor Paul Moakley and Photo Editor Anthony LaSala. I was blown away by his work and very honored he recently accepted my invitation to talk to my School of Visual Arts BFA Photography program students.
Ruddy Roye gave my students an inspirational, moving and informative talk and presentation of his work. He generously shared his own life experiences and career path. Thank you so much, Ruddy Roye.


SeBiArt said...

Awesome to feature this Jamaican wonder. His work is the truth!

Haley Morris-Cafiero said...

I love his work!His images are not just moving but they make people move to make change.

Lizzy Brown said...

Ruddy Roye is a leading light for photographers like myself and many others.

elizabeth avedon said...

Ruddy Roye will be speaking at the School of Visual Arts March 11, 7pm, 136 West 21st St, NYC http://www.sva.edu/events/events-exhibitions/radcliffe-roye