BRUNO TAMIOZZO: Social Reportage

Men On A Train, Maputo (Mozambico, Africa)
Photograph © Bruno Tamiozzo

Women With Water, Pongala (Kerala - India)
 Photograph © Bruno Tamiozzo
Little Girl and Boy With Milk, Lagos (Nigeria, Africa)
 Photograph © Bruno Tamiozzo

Bruno Tamiozzo with children of Bhubaneswar (Orissa)

Bruno Tamiozzo is a photojournalist specializing in social reportage. He works with several charitable non-profit foundations whose missions are to help women and children in serious need worldwide. He attended the Masters in Photojournalism and Reportage at The Institute of Photography and Integrated Communication, and workshops with photo-editors and photographers for Internazionale, AGF, Contrasto, The New York Times, and Magnum, among others.

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