HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015: Things Won and Lost

Things Won and Lost  Photograph © Sean Perry

To begin the New Year 2015, I've chosen from photographer and contributor Sean Perry, Things Won and Lost from his series Fairgrounds. Perry was selected as a finalist for the Hasselblad Masters award for this work, including his limited edition book, Fairgrounds (published by Cloverleaf Press).

Perry's imagery is hallmarked by wrapping diverse subjects in his particular quality of light, releasing a simple expression of a given object's unexpected nature and grace. That voice is further refined by his dedication to the darkroom and alchemy used to breathe life and light into his prints. "I work hard to be known for my printing," he says. "I take great pride in it, and hope when someone sees one of my images, they would instantly identify the craft and thumbprints of being mine. It's why I sign them that way, the inked thumbprint next to my name - a metaphor that my hands have made this." read more here

Watch Perry's SVA Masters in Digital Photography i3 Lecture Video on YouTube here. More about Perry's recent work posted here


Patrick Lucas said...

Happy new Year to You !!

the plant gardener said...

beautiful images~

the plant gardener said...

lovely images