UNDER A SACRED SKY: The Enchanted Cosmos With Ray Grasse // Photography + Astrology

 The Sphinx
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse

Exploring The Plateau
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse

 Long Shadows from his series Night Vision
Photograph (c) Ray Grasse
Photography + Astrology with Ray Grasse

One of my favorite Chicago-based photographers, Ray Grasse, is an accomplished Renaissance Man; writer, musician, photographer, and astrologer. Ray has written many important and impressive articles and books on astrology, and his latest recently published Under A Sacred Sky is now available on Amazon.

From the book's jacket: "Under a Sacred Sky is a fascinating collection of essays by the author on the ancient art of astrology, ranging from discussions of its use in our personal lives to its value for understanding historical cycles and patterns. Along the way Ray Grasse also interjects the story with some of his own personal experiences in the discipline, while exploring its broader implications for subjects like synchronicity, spirituality, and the yogic concept of the chakras. This book includes interviews with Rick Tarnas and Laurence Hillman and is suitable for both beginner and advanced students of the subject."

If you're interested in a wide-ranging, philosophical exploration of our place in the cosmos, and the relation of the planets not only to our personal lives but to cultural forms like cinema, religion, and politics, check out Ray Grasse's book on Amazon and his Astrology website here.

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-K- said...

Not sure I'll ever make it to Egypt but enlarging "The Sphinx" is quite impressive.