FILTER PHOTO FESTIVAL 2015: Portfolio Review Round-Up / Carol Erb

Photograph © Carol Erb

Photographs © Carol Erb

I met Carol Erb while I was a Portfolio Reviewer for the 7th Annual Filter Photo Festival in Chicago. While at Filter, I reviewed over 60 photographers portfolio’s and/or book projects. I'll try to post as many as possible over the next month or so....

The actors have left the stage, the play is over. An old suitcase left behind, an open book, a clock which counts the hours. These images illustrate token memories of my past. A quiet reflective moment where I can remember the things that are gone.

My work typically involves the heavy use of post processing and compositing in Photoshop with complicated assemblages using dozens of layers. There are people, animals, floods and fires, something is happening.

With this series I step back to create a quiet meditative group of photographs with minimal post processing. These images focus on the singular beauty of well worn objects, each one, a piece of my personal history. A place where I can relax and take a deep breath.

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